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Super-Sized Blackest Night Goodness 3

What you need to know: Green Lantern Corps #47 is the super-sized finale for the Blackest Night story arc in GLC. The creative team, writer Peter Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason, have received tons of praise for their run on the secondary title of the Green Lantern Universe.   The Good:- Patrick Gleason, can I convince you to stay on art duties here beyond the next issue? Please? Buckman, Champagne, Nguyen, Mayor, and Eltaeb all deserve credit for inking and coloring the issue as well. Everyth...

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Not On My Back 0

This is the best issue in the entire green lantern corps series the colors are so great the pencils are fantastic it is to bad that this is tomasi and gleason's last issue. There is so much content for the price so much is going on here if you are not reading this issue I don't know what is wrong with you the best page of this issue is defiantly the web and something tragic happens in this issue you are not gonna wanna miss.  what happens is......  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden c...

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"...everyone just follow my freakin' lead!" 0

With the end of the Tomasi/Gleason era one issue away, their last issue involving Blackest Night certainly goes with a bang.  The various Lantern Corps have finally arrived in earth's atmosphere and the Lanterns are too busy fighting the Black Lanterns to kill each other.  Guy comes up with a plan and although there is some hesitation on some of the other Corps, he promises once this is all done they can go back to killing each other.  John Stewart arrives and tells Kyle and Kilowog that they ha...

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Back from death 0

There is just so much happening in this issue and it is all held together extremely well on the strength of the plot, the characters and the action.  While the Lanterns have taken the fight to Xanshi as a collective whole, two specific Lanterns are targeted for failures in their lives, Kyle and Guy.  Guy is shown having to confront Ice, and while this is handled well, the really abstract and kind of twisted version of this is Kyle having to face Alex inside the refrigerator that she was found.  ...

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