Green Lantern Corps #40

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #40 - Heart of Darkness released by DC Comics on November 1, 2009.

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    Green Lanterns have risen, Oa is without it's protective shield and in the final moments of Green Lantern Corps, they find themselves without the power of Ion behind them or the Guardians. The battle continues on Oa as the honored dead of the Green Lantern Corps and the recently deceased Sciencell convicts who lost their lives in the riots have all become Black Lanterns and will not rest until the bloody hearts and minds of the Green Lanterns are literally in their hands. Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardener and John Stewart resort to their most brutal fighting yet as the Blackest Night threatens to envelop Sector Zero and send the universe reeling into chaos. While the current outbreak of Sinestro Corps members leads to a shocking revelation involving Kyrb and her "children."


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    Murderfest aught nine 0

    Go figure that the "auxiliary" title for Green Lantern would deliver on the promises made for Blackest Night.   This issue is hardcore.  When I say it was Murderfest I'm not even coming close to the carnage that was displayed. And to further heighten the dread building up on each page Peter Tomasi manages to put some weight and depth into each death that occurs. Not one death is wasted like some are in numerous zombie movies. Through the eyes of these Black Lanterns we see the fear and complicat...

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    Will. Rage. Fear. Will. Rage. Fear. 0

    This issue was very long awaited for me, I've gotten some high off of reading the direct Blackest Night tie-ins and this was one that ended at such a point last issue that I was very excited to get this one home. And maybe long-term readers of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps might not agree with me, this hasn't been a mind blowing story and neither has what's going on in Green Lantern. But this, to me, is good stuff. If not simply for the fact that we still don't completely understand what...

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    After everything that has happened 0

    With this issue and the preceding ones in Blackest Night and Green Lantern the story arc and company event is really on track.  This issue looks almost solely at the assault on Oa by various Lanterns, and looks at it from various angles, though mostly of the personal relationships which the Black Lanterns are reviving.  Chief among these are Kyle and Jade, and Arisia and the remainder of her family, though the short interjection of Bzzd, although appropriate was also a little heart rending.  I a...

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