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You have to train

Following on the previous issue which was much more focused around explanation and development of the plot, this one is almost completely action.  Sodam has modified the Daxam star to be yellow thus potentially turning the tables on the Sinestro Corps.  Arisia remains behind on the planet though ready to lead the counter-offensive.  There is a short interjection of the two looking for the Anti-Monitor and then the rest of the issue is one long action sequence detailing the events of the riot in the sciencells.  It ends almost as expected but with the riot over the problems on Oa are not.  This is another solid if not noteworthy issue leading into Blackest Night.  

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    I won’t spend long on this review I just need to let you know this book was great, and if your looking forward to Blackest night make sure you pick up this preview arc. I bought the occasional GLC issue prior to Prelude to Blackest Night but this ‘Emerald Eclipse’ arc for me has been not stop excitement and class story telling by Peter Tomassi. This issue does not let up (Spoilers)- ION commits suicide (we think) by plunging into Daxam Red Sun and turning it into a yellow sun, thus giving the ca...

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