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After just discovering Natu's body, Guy begins his investigation as to her cause of death. Guy takes Soranik's body back to Oa and meanwhile Ragnar begins wondering who will be her replacement.

In Guy's absence Ragnar gets his wish and is visited by a Green Power Ring. Ragnar ecstatically accepts and is transferred to Oa to begin his training as a Lantern.

On Staphis, Vath is trying to hold the planet together to assist their local's evacuation. Their planet has become unstable and he has desperately been calling for Isamot's assistance. Until now, he's been having to hold things together himself. Other Lanterns hear his call and respond to help the locals with their evacuation. Isamot is sill M.I.A. Vath leaves the planet in the other Lantern's hands and leaves to search for Isamot.

Rangar has just arrived on Oa and is greeted cherily from Guy. Guy takes him immediately to the prison block and explains to him that this is where the freighter captain would reside if he hadn't have killed him before the interrogation was complete. Ragnar states that the guy was obviously guilty and that his ships logs place him everyplace there was one of those mysterious murders. Then Guy points out that they've also captured someone else, the alchemist who's responsible for Solanik's death. He didn't escape after all.

The alchemist confesses to everyting and tells of Ragnar's involvement in everything. Ragnar states that the alchemist is lying and that he only knows of Ragnar by what's on the news. Guy then informs him that it's impossible for him to be lying--given his current condition--he was dosed with one of his own truth potions.

Enter Soranik stage left, yes she survived--it was a setup! She confronts Ragnar with the facts. She knows now that Ragnar drugged Myrrt to instill fear in him so he would become vulnerable enough to kill. Then she uncovers Ragnar's master plan, He wanted to become a Lantern so bad he lured planned his brother's death by sabotaging his sword, he drugged Myrrt to take his place and thought if he were the only viable candidate left in the sector that he would be the natural choice. Solanik then arrests him and starts to take him to his cell.

Salaak interrupts them and orders his release. He has diplomatic immunity due to his royal status in his homeworld. This outrages both Guy and especially Soranik.

The funeral proceedings are now underway for Myrrt. They give him a honored funeral and send his body off to it's final resting place.

After the funeral Guy inquires about his "beach time" and gets put off again by Salaak. Kilowog tells Guy to go and chill and let him take care of the details.

Salaak sends Solanik to take Ragnar back to his homeworld and face his punishment as she is still the Lantern of that sector. He also gives her Myrrt's ring and tells her to find a suitable replacement for it. During Ragnar's trial, Soranik makes her choice for the next Lantern of that sector--Iolande his sister. He is sentenced to death and it is carried out.

On a remote beach somewhere, Guy is living the highlife. He's drinking and enjoying the sun. Just outside of orbit he has been followed by the infamous Bolphunga the Unrelenting...

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This is a strange issue compared to the ones that preceded it.  Guy and Soranik put the mystery of all the deaths to rest pretty quickly and early on.  This leads to an interesting dilemma with Salaak which is not handled in a manner that either is happy with, until Salaak's intentions are made clear.  This led to an interesting moment later on with the ring being given to an unforeseen replacement.  In the other plot Vath's anger is shown again and again and it is clear this will be an issue fo...

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