Green Lantern Corps #28

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #28 - Eye of the Beholder Part 2 released by DC Comics on November 1, 2008.

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    Lantern Saarek uses his ability to talk to the dead to find out the last thing the eyes saw. The GLC then proceeds to take down the person/people who committed the murders of Corps member's families.



    • Guy, Kyle, Kilowog, and Salaak are staring into a vat filled with the eyeballs ripped from the family members of rookie Lanterns. They call Saarek in to join them in hopes that his ability to speak to the dead can help them identify the killer.
    • Salaak expresses doubt over this supposed ability and Saarek acknowledges that he is aware that many Lanterns share these doubts. He has had this gift since he was a child and offers to prove his ability by aiding in this investigation.
    • Saarek immerses himself into the tank; while in a trance-like state the eye cling around him until he is completely covered. With a scream the eyes all project the same image of a being and species unknown to all.
    • Salaak has the image beamed to all rings with particular emphasis on those sectors protected by new recruits. While a plan is being formed a mob of angry rookies and some veterans are being confined from leaving their duties. They are scared for their relative’s lives and many express guilt over putting their loved ones in harms way. Salaak pleads with them to trust that a plan is in place, but their fears prompt each Lantern takes of their ring and resign rather then allow their family members to suffer because they are in the Corps.
    • Later at Warriors Guy is charging his ring when a knock on the door disturbs him. Ice has come to Oa, having decided to start their date early. Guy is very happy but is immediately called to duty by Salaak. Ice agrees to stay behind and wait for him. Meanwhile Kyle is seen again drawing frightening images that foreshadow trouble for the Corps.
    • In sector 1983 we find a rookie's parents speaking to a female alien wearing a Sinestro Corps uniform. The enemy is poised to kill the couple when Guy appears, blasting her across the room. Before he can take her into custody, the enemy kills herself with a blast to the head. Guy believes that the case is closed when Kilowog calls him from sectors away.
    • Kilowog has fought and amputated the yellow ring from a twin of Guy's perpetrator, and has him in custody. The two Lanterns meet up along with Kyle and Saarek who "reads" Guy's dead suspect. These Sinestro Corps Soldiers are siblings calling themselves Quintet, and three more remain at large.
    • With Saarek's knowledge, the final three are found by the Lanterns in the middle of plotting their next attack. They are easily defeated and taken to Oa where they are confined to the Sciencells. Guy leaves to join Ice, while Kilowog and Kyle thank Saarek and head to Warriors for a burger and beer. The Lanterns who resigned happily take back their rings and get back to duty at Salaak's suggestion.
    • Saarek is summoned to see the Guardian known as Scar. She tells him that he is being sent on a secret mission which he is to discuss with no one, not even other Guardians. Scar wants Saarek is to use his gift to commune with the corpse of the Anti-Monitor.

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    This short story arc (2 parts) got off to a bit of a slow start, which really made it feel even shorter, but it was such a weird concept and pulled off in an efficient way that it made it completely worthwhile in the end.  Following on the lead-in here we have the senior members of the Corps heading out to find who has been targeting the family members of new recruits.  The way that it doesn't play out as expected is because of the presence of Saarek who can speak to the dead.  This climactic mo...

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