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Witness the grand opening of the new Warriors bar! Then, meet a mysterious new Lantern by the name of Saarek, who can hear the dead. What brings him to Oa – and why are the dead growing restless?


Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner officially open “Warriors” a bar and grill dedicated to serving old fashioned American cuisine to aliens from around the universe. Guy demonstrates his knowledge as a restaurateur as he instructs his extra terrestrial staff on the finer points of pouring a beer and the nature of a hamburger. Warriors proves to be a hit, and the two Lanterns discuss hiring a full time manager over a beer while Kyle doodles on a napkin. Guy’s ring sounds a reminder that in two weeks he is scheduled to return to for a reunion with Ice.

The two Lanterns continue to talk with Kyle wondering if the Black Mercies have digested Mongul yet. While Guy goes on to state that Mongul no doubt gave the Mercies bad gas, the scene cuts away to the Mercies planet where Mongul has dragged himself from out of the ground, escaping death and leaving the planet with his severed arm in his hand.

Morro the crypt keeper of Oa delivers a moving eulogy to Bzzd who defeated Mongul at the price of his own life. With reverence and respect for his fallen comrade Morro encased Bzzd body in a crystal, which he then shattered, leaving a perfect replica Bzzd to stand in honor amongst his fellow fallen Lanterns.

Morro is shocked to find the Lantern Saarek meditating amongst the dead. Saarek claims that he is there at the dead’s invitation. He tells Morro that he can speak to the dead and that they are frightened over the coming darkness. Informing Morro that his dead brother Morg sends his respects and is praying for his safety, Saarek leaves the crypts disturbed by the dead’s warnings.

On the planet Citcra Tana a Lantern banner is proudly hung outside the family home of rookie Lantern Zevonn Parzzx. A dog-like creature jumps up in alarm and is quickly killed in a blast of energy. Inside the Parzzx family is startled by the arrival of an unseen stranger who asks if someone in the family serves the Corps. When Zevonn's mother stats that her son “proudly serves” the family is asked if they will “proudly die” and are slaughtered by the unseen stranger.

Back at Warriors, Guy discovers Kyle's drawing in the trash and is shocked to see a doodle of a Green Lantern dying in agony, his body torn in half.

Unaware of his family’s murder, Zevonn Parzzx and his fellow rookies are on a nearby Oan moon training under Kilowog and Rayner. The senior Lanterns are joined by Soranik Natu who flirts with Rayner in the first sign of a burgeoning relationship. The two discuss the many marriage proposals Natu has received from her patients at the hospital with Kyle remarking that such intense feelings can develop between soldiers on the battlefield as well.

Their flirting is interrupted by what appears to be rain, however upon closer inspection the Lanterns discover that they are being showered with the eye balls of dozens of murder victims. Natu uses her ring to analyze one of the eyes, revealing that it came from Zevonn's mother. The young Lantern breaks down in despair as Kyle orders his ring to analyze the remaining organic matter. The eyes were torn from family member of Green Lanterns throughout the universe and rained down upon them in a twisted warning.

As Kilowog comforts the grief stricken rookies, Saarek arrives and uses his power to commune with the dead in a unique way. Drawing the last image seen by these eyes, Saarek’s ring reveals the face of the killer and the Lantern Corps newest public enemy number one.


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The start of something new 0

After the excellent Ring Quest story arc, this issue returns to the more common Green Lantern Corps formula, which some partially divergent storylines going through the issue.  It starts off again (as did Ring Quest) with Guy and Kyle getting ready to start the new Warriors Restaurant on Oa.  As before this serves as a bit of comic relief, although in all truth it was not as entertaining as the writers probably thought it would be.  The rest of the issue deals with two more closely related conce...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

No title 0

With the ridiculous crap going on in this book.... coming of the spectrum wars, blackest night, Mongul being awesome, I'm glad this book still has a sense of humor about itself. Guy Gardner opening restaurant, not only one that serves food from Earth, but only American food, on an alien planet, is ridiculous.... and awesome. The story is still doing great, there seems to be a lot of seeds being planted for Blackest Night, especially in this issue. Lantern that can talk to the dead? Hmmm.... The ...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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