Green Lantern Corps #23

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #23 - Ring Quest Part 2 released by DC Comics on June 2008.

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    Some of the best and brightest of the Corps — including Kyle Rayner, Soranik Natu, Ion and Guy Gardner — are sent on an urgent mission to locate and destroy missing Sinestro Corps Rings that remain from the Sinestro Corps War. But Mongul has a different idea on what to do with the Rings…

    Mongul is standing upon a field of flowers called Mercy. He was told of their power from his father and he could sense it's effects as he's thinking about the plans he has for them. He collects as many as he can into a giant backpack and then asks his yellow power ring where the nearest Sinestro Corps member is. When the ring locates the information, Mongul tells the ring to take him there.

    We see various members of the Green Lantern Corps in the middle of their duty, or relaxation or other thing, Vath Sarn is teaming up with Adam Strange. Iolande is in the middle of her royal duties. Sorak Natu is in the middle of vacation. Stel is in the process of putting himself back together again—literally. Isamot Kol was also on break, Sodam Yat was taking in some yellow solar energy and Guy Gardner was snoozing when they all got a call to go to the Citadel.

    On the planet Sedas in a Penal Institute of Mental Health, Duel Eknham is killing two doctors. His two different persons that make up the being of Duel Eknham are debating on how they should have killed the two doctors when a yellow power ring moves towards them saying he/they have the ability to instill great fear and he becomes the newest member of the Sinestro Corps. The two personalities begin to argue over which hand should have the yellow power ring when Mongul barges. Mongul tells the newly appointed Sinestro Corps member of how he obtained all of his yellow rings and he has a choice: Follow Mongul or die—not a hard choice, huh?

    Back at the Citadel, Sodam Yat, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Arisia, Isamot, Kol, Sorak Natu, and the rest of the Green Lanterns called to the Citadel are wondering why they were all called together. Soon enough, the Guardians tell them that they are to go to the Vega System to retrieve yellow power rings that have entered that system. Sodam Yat wonders why they are allowed to go to the Vega System as he thought that that area was forbidden. The Guardians tell the Green Lanterns that they will be allowed into the system, but once there, they would have to use their own skills to track the rings. Sodam Yat wonders why they just don't take out manufacturing center that was making the rings, but the Guardians told Sodam Yat that the Guardians will tell them when that time will come. With a few last words from Kyle, the group is off.

    The Green Lanterns enter sector 2828, the Vega System. Once they two, the group split up into teams of two. A creature is attacking a bunch of innocents when Guy and Kyle barge in on his fun. At the same time, Sodam Yat and Arisia are checking things out in another area. Sodam wants Arisia's opinion on how she thinks he is doing since becoming ION. Arisia asks Sodam why he wants to know and he's about to tell her he had heard a rumor that she was the first choice for ION when they both see the handiwork of Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner.

    Sodam and Arisia investigate the area a bit more to discover 1,012 dead beings. Upon analyzing the dead bodies, they discover that there is more than one Sinestro Corp member in the area when their rings detect a warning. Elsewhere, Iolande and Sorak Natu are searching for rings when they get a call from Kyle and Guy checking on the progress of the other Lanterns. Sorak and Iolande say they had no luck. Isamot and Vath are the only others that found a Sinestro Corps member and as that is being relayed, Sorak and Iolande see the results of Isamot and Vath's work. However, nobody has heard from Sodam Yat or Arisia.

    When they meet up, they begin their search for Arisia and Sodam Yat. Kyle signals to Salaak that the Green Lantern group is holding off their primary mission in order to find the two missing Lanterns. Salaak explains that they must remain dedicated to their primary mission. Kyle tells Salaak that he will not attend anyone else's funerals or memorial services and nobody is going to be left behind. The group finds a trail and they all go off in search of their missing comrades.

    Elsewhere, we see Mongul with many rings on as he uses the power to burn a hole deep inside the planet. With him is Arisia and Sodam Yat who are infected with the Mercy flower.


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    The pacing here is weird, this is the second part to story arc which started three issues previously (that is to say there was a two part story arc in the middle.)  Despite this though, this issue was loads of fun (all you have to do is remember that Mongul was the villain previously.)  Essentially it is a return to all the Green Lantern Corps members that this series has done such a good job of detailing.  Guy, Iolande, Soranik, Isamot and Vath are back and in addition there are the Lanterns fr...

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