Green Lantern Corps #20

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #20 - Ring Quest Part 1 released by DC Comics on March 1, 2008.

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    Mongul is back! Destroying the JLA Watchtower wasn't enough - now he's more powerful than ever and ready to instill great fear!

    The remaining Guardians of the Universe observe both Green Lantern and Sinestro rings looking for new users. The Guardians are observing the yellow power rings to see who the rings will choose so they can attack the wearer sooner.

    • Guy Gardner is still using the trusty throwing-the-dart-on-a-board method to figure out where to hang his hat and call home. He keeps hitting one spot more than any other and figures someone is trying to tell him something.

    • Meanwhile, Kyle Rayner is channel surfing and every channel seems to have the same theme. Kyle concludes that someone must be trying to tell him something. WOW!! Deja vu!!

    • Mongul is looking at his ring all glowy and yellow. He asks the ring about its powers and limitations. The ring says that would take 96 hours (four days). Mongul tells the ring that time does not concern him and to continue.

    • Kyle and Guy converse about how good it feels to be back. The two of them are talking about how they are thinking about a change. They decide to meet up and talk about it over Thai.

    • The change that Guy and Kyle had been thinking about is leaving Earth and moving to Oa. Both of them feel that a change of scenery would do them good and being Honor Guard and all, it makes sense to be on Oa. Guy and Kyle are even thinking about opening a bar on Oa. At Guy’s old bar, they tell Hal and John. The four of them do a sorta ring high-five before Guy leaves them with a parting gift.

    • Guy checks on Tora’s apartment on the Upper East Side. Wanting to give her space, Guy simply leaves a note for her and leaves.

    • Mongul basks in the power of his yellow ring. He sees this as a sign that he was destined for something greater: to lead. Mongul takes the lifeless body of the Sinestro Corps solider that he took the ring from and crushes his head before throwing it in the fire he made to destroy the ship the soldier came in. Mongul promises that the blood on his hand will not be the last.

    • Guy and Kyle are traveling to Oa talking about the things they are leaving behind for this new opportunity: Kyle’s job offer at a museum and Guy’s potential relationship with Tora. Guy says that distance makes the heart grow fonder, to which Kyle replies it also makes it colder. Guy thinks that Kyle is making a joke; but unfortunately, Kyle is talking from experience.

    • Guy and Kyle make their sales pitch to Salaak about opening a bar on Oa, but Salaak seems less than enthusiastic. After some convincing and some compromises, it seems that Salaak is okay with it. When Kyle tells Salaak that he and Guy want to live on Oa, Salaak bursts out laughing. When Guy asks if they can get Earth cable stations, Salaak tells them both the entertainment value of them being here would be worth it.

    • As the Guardians continue their vigil on the yellow power rings, they are a bit concerned when all of the signatures of the rings suddenly disappear. The Guardians decide to mark their last known position and try to plot their possible course for the rings. They summon Salaak to the Star Chamber as they continue to discuss their next course of action.

    • Kyle hangs up his painting that his mom made. He’s proud that the painting is hanging on an alien world and that Vincent van Gogh should be jealous. He then looks around at the empty apartment and wonders if there’s an Ikea on Oa.

    • Meanwhile, Guy has his bar stuff in his new place, including the gigantic sign, and he’s clearly taking a break after his successful move-in.

    • Meanwhile, Mongul has returned to his father’s homeworld and sits on his father’s old throne. He asks the ring how many rings are looking for a new user and it tells him 27. He then asks him where these rings are going and the ring gives him the coordinates. He then goes into a conversation with his dead sister about how fate works. He tells her that fate has shined on him while time and worms continue to eat away at her corpse until every sign of her existence is wiped away forever like she had never been born. Mogul promises that he will continue to carry the banner of his father. He will show the universe the true meaning of legacy and that the universe is awaiting his mercy.



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    Sheet of ice 0

    After last issue's apparent reload this issue is one which doesn't really take itself seriously and suffers because of it.  There are basically only two plot lines running here, the much shorter one with Mongul and the longer one where Kyle and Guy decide to relocate to Oa and to open a new bar there together.  This decision is not reached easily by the heroes but they realize they have other forces pushing them there more than they have ones holding them back.  This whole concept is a little bi...

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