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Prisoners In War

Ha ha! My love for this series fit in line perfectly with the reading order when all three Green Lantern series' came out in the same week. This week's Green Lantern leads into this issue, and since I like this series the best of the three, I was reading it after Green Lantern already.

Rise of the Third Army is hitting in full force, the Third Army invading Earth, chaos reigning as Guy Gardner stews in prison. The Guardians seem quite intent on ruining his life on a level beyond all other Lanterns, a sign to how much trouble he made for them, and that's totally the kind of guy he is. And he's a stone cold badass in prison, unintimidated by the big man talking about shivs and breaking a former cop and Lantern; and delivers him a Batman punch without even looking. And when the Third Army attacks, we see the Green Lantern forever inside him shining bright. He really handles being kicked out so much better than Hal. Sure he lets himself fall, but it's for complex reasons, and instead of whiling like a little bitch when the chips fall, he faces adversity with such ferocity and determination that shows he never stopped being a Green Lantern at heart, and never will. Guy Gardner never makes me wonder why I respect him so much, why he is my all time favorite Green Lantern.

Something that's drawn a lot of complaints is addressed, the Green Lantern titles are finally starting to unite with a stronger sense of a connected universe. The long absent Kyle Rayner is finally brought up, as John and Fatality strive to help reunite the pieces of the shattered Mogo. John shows his stoic wisdom as he's one of the first Lanterns to fully piece together the big term ramifications of all the recent events. The stage is set for next week's big conclusion in Green Lantern Corps Annual.

Another sense of connection is Baz's almost instant sense of camaraderie with Guy Gardner. Both are currently suspected criminals with a tough guy attitude, but Guy is still questioning Baz's pragmatic decision to carry a gun. Guy gives the new guy a hard time, and Simon responds by essentially proving his worth; not backing down, keeping his cool, and not fighting unecessarily with the older and more experienced Sentinel Lantern. The big battle they have with The Third Army is one of the most amazing things to happen in Green Lantern that didn't just involve rings, perhaps the coolest non-ring weapon since Superboy Prime threw giant lead rods through Sodam Yat during Sinestro Corps War. Guy Gardner is the loose cannon, the wild card of the Earth Lanterns, of the entire corps. He's always thinking quick on his feet, coming up with the most out-of-the-box ideas that save the day.

In Conclusion: 5/5

The Third Army is mortal, they can be beaten without super specific means. When New Guardians gave me concerns about treading the same ground as Blackest Night, it's once again Green Lantern Corps that restores my faith in the entire Green Lantern Saga by showing me how things are different. Things are all coming together, with this issue funneling the most connections into it's Annual next week. And Fernando Pasarin's artwork is as awesome as usual, Green Lantern Corps is just amazing, definitely my favorite of the Lantern titles in the New 52.

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