Green Lantern Corps #13

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #13 - Old Ghosts released by DC Comics on August 1, 2007.

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    Bzzt, now joining the hunt for Guy Gardner on Mogo begins to search in the "therapy area". They didn't have to search far because Guy found them first. They attempted to take him into custody when Guy states that there's something happening to Mogo. Something strange, normally when you head to the therapy section Mogo helps to ease your pain but this time it was quite the opposite. Mogo appears to enrage your deepest fears in an attempt to brainwash every Lantern that enters. Isamot confirms this when he speaks of Green Man emmerging from the forrest acting strange.

    Guy claims that there are insects in the therapy area which may have been corrupting those who enter. Bzzt, being an insect himself, takes notice to this statement as many of the insects in this sector are his close relatives. Therefore, Bzzt wants to further investigate this claim himself and heads for the therapy area. Once he arrives he notices that they are not insects but fungal spores surrounding the grove.

    Anticipating that something was wrong before the trio arrived, Guy called ahead for a doctor (Soranik) to come and check out the specimens. Soranik confirms that the spores are from out of this world and concludes that there must be a mother spore somewhere deeper in the forrest. Mogo is sick :( All five of the lanterns head off into the forrest to seek out this mother spore. Soranik states that anyone that comes in direct contact with the spore will hallucinate and if ingested will have nightmares forever. Each puts up their shield and begins the search.

    Soranik contacts Oa to get the last known entrants into Mogo. The results are in: Tanakata Z, Green Man, and Kilowog! Kilowog appears and threatens to enact justice by killing Guy for the murder of Tanakata Z and Quord. Isamot and Vath vow to hold Kilowog back while Guy and Soranik try to take out the mother spore in hopes of stopping all of this hallucinating. Soranik claims if she can examine someone infected with the spores she can get a good idea how to cure this illness. Bzzt offers to sting Kilowog enought to incapacitate him so Soranik can examine him. Guy gives the go ahead.

    They all corner and subdue Kilowog while Bzzt innoculates him. With Kilowog now knocked out Soranik begins her examination. Sure enough Soranik finds an infection and it's surrounding his brain, Just as Lantern Natu begins to work on him, he vomits a rather large yellow sentient being. Kilowog begins to regain conciousness.

    Now the concern turns toward Mogo. They fear if the infection continues to bore for his core he will be beyond cure. Mogo warns the Lanterns to leave his surface and NOW! Mogo has altered his orbit to become in the way of a rather large incoming asteroid. If the asteroid strikes his surface it is his hope that it will burn the infection out of his person. The asteroid strikes the surface.

    Back on Oa, Guy, Green Man, and Kilowog are cleared of all wrong doing due to the various effects of the viral infection.

    Soranik returns to Mogo to ensure that the infection has been sterilized. It is confirmed, it is all gone. Bzzt vows to stick behind to help protect Mogo until he is properly healed.



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    As the lead-in issue for the Sinestro Corps War, this does pretty much everything it should.  While it has been pretty common thus far through the series to show three or more separate story elements ongoing through the title, here all three converge on one place.  Guy is still being sought for his supposed actions of the previous issue where two Lanterns were found murdered with indication Guy had done it.  He retreated to Mogo but he didn't find what he was after there.  Apparently something h...

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