Green Lantern Corps #12

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #12 - Fugitive released by DC Comics on July 1, 2007.

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    Pursued by his fellow Lanterns, Guy Gardner seeks refuge on Mogo, only to be confronted by his oldest fear. And on Oa, Lanterns clash as death stalks the Corps.

    Lanterns Vath Sarn and Isamot Kol find Guy Gardner standing over two dead bloody Lanterns. Guy tells them that one is still alive. When they ask him who did this to them, he says, "Guy Gardner. He did it, He killed us." Then passes away.

    On Nibelos, Lanterns Natu and Iolande are on a mission when Iolande recieves a message that her father is dying. Natu gives her permission to go to him.

    Sarn, Kol, and Gardner try to figure out what happened with the dead Lanterns. Their ring logs have been wiped. The sector house entry and exit logs show that no one has arrived or left between them and Gardner. Sarn and Kol ask Gardner to go with them to Oa so they can straighten everything out. They also ask for his ring. Guy says they can have it but will have to take it from him. He takes off and puts the facility under emergency lockdown, locking Sarn and Kol inside. They have no choice but to contact Oa.

    On Betrassus, Iolande goes to her father's bedside. He tells her that with her brothers dead, she must give up the Lanterns to be be Queen and rule the planet. She says she cannot turn her back on her duties to the Corp. Natu arrives and asks if she can join the doctor and have a look at him.

    Guy goes to Mogo. Quond, one of the dead Lanterns, had gone to Mogo before he was killed. He asks Mogo if there was anything off about him. Mogo doesn't really offer too much help there but tells Guy that there is someone else he can talk to. Guy comes face to face with his father? His father seems largley out of proportion. He begins getting pushed around by his drunk father and asks Mogo to stop what he's doing.

    Back on Betrassus, Natu comes out saying Iolande's father passed. There was nothing they could do. Iolande is outraged saying Natu let her father die. The planet will now go into chaos with him dead. Natu is tired of being blamed for anything and leaves. She tells Iolande that this is her problem.

    On Oa, the Lanterns prepare to hunt down Guy. Kilowog says they need to track him down and execute him. There is no mercy for a Lantern that would murder another a brother Lantern. It is decided that Sarn and Kol will handle the case as it is theirs. Kilowog is not happy with sending two rookies to handle it. They will be assisted with Mogo's sector partner Lantern. A Lantern the size of an insect.


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    Once again as with earlier issues of this series, this issue is broken into three different parts, but two of those come together finally.  Guy is framed for murder and when Isamot and Vath arrive they are forced to believe what their eyes and ears tell them.  Guy makes quick his escape and flees to Mogo, but Mogo also understands what is at stake and provides a form of detainment for Guy.  In the other story, Iolande and Soranik are successful in stopping the Children of the White Lobe but Iola...

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