Green Lantern Corps #11

    Green Lantern Corps » Green Lantern Corps #11 - The Prophecy released by DC Comics on June 1, 2007.

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    Back on Clustral, Guy is till left to do the clean up by himself. He's struggling as the secondary tremors are pulling the mudballs apart again and need repair. Tanakata Z and Quond are nowhere to be found. Guy is able to reach both of them, who are now back at their sector house, on their communicators. They willingly admit that they are taking 5 and will not be coming to assist him in the clean up. Guy tells them that after he finishes up there he's going to head straight for their house and drag them to Oa for a court martial.

    The new partners, Soranik and Iolande are on their way to a new assignment. Reports from unaligned mining planet Nibelos of Incursion by the Children of the White Lobe, state that there has been a massive suicide explosion and needs investigating.

    In sector 3889, Green Man and Stel are there investigating why an unknown vessel has been blown to bits. At first glance it appears to have been from yellow energy and is assumed to be from the "rogue Lantern Sinestro". As they approach the vessel Stel warns that any organic lifeforms that near the ship may trigger a simultaneous explosion due to the fluctuating radiation levels. The Green Man throws Stel closer to the ship and the ship go BOOM!

    Now on the surface of Nibelos Soranik and Iolande find themselves in the middle of a battle between the Children of the White Lobe and the locals. The Children threaten if the Green Lanterns interfere that they will begin executing each and every local since their weapons are of no use against the Lanterns themselves. Isolating all of the Children in a ball of green power, Soranik begins to question the locals as to what the Children are after.  Apparently they are after the local raw materials and more specifically the supply of Tellurium. Tellurium is a metal that has the unique property of being able to transmute mental energy into heat. The locals notify them that there is a large mine full of Tellurium just on the other side of the planet. Isolande and Soranik head for that mine in expectation of finding more of the Children of the White Lobe.

    Kilowog heads for Mogo hoping to get a little relaxation and to clear his mind. Mogo gives him advice and provides a safe place for him to vent. In the grove, Kolowog sees a vision of his people calling him to return to his homeworld for good and leaving behind the Corps. One of them in particular states that he hates the Guardians for taking him from them and challenges Kilowog to destroy the Guardians and to no longer be a puppet for their cause.

    On Rann, Vath visits a bar to get some R&R himself. He is approached by a female who has apparently taken interest in him. He invites her to leave and take a walk with him outside the bar. This infuriates a local bar patron that all the army guys come and steal all of their women. As they leave Vath is approached by Isamot. This enrages Vath's female companion because her entire family was "wiped out by the lizards". Both Isamot and Vath leave that planet behind and head back for Oa.

    Salaak is speaking with another Lantern [name] about Abin Sur's demise after hearing the prophecy of Quill. They discuss this prophecy and what implications it may have in their current situation. He is told to immediately report any of these happenings from the prophecy directly to the Guardians and to keep the prophecy to himself.

    Returning from the cleanup on Clustral, Guy heads straight for sector house 268 Proximal. Once inside Guy is ready to bust some heads but finds something completely unexpected...


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    Perhaps the prophecy has been misread 0

    After last issue's lull, this issue gets back on track with a lot more action and a lot more plot.  It is also gets back to the format from earlier issues where there are three or more plots ongoing at once.  In one plot Soranik and Iolande are sent to deal with the Children of the White Lobe, who are attacking a mining colony.  In another story Guy is still at work trying to save the deep space hive after the other Lanterns have abandoned him, and in a third but shorter plot Isamot and Vath run...

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