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If the Ring Don't Fit...

I really want to love this cover, I do. The nice simplistic design works wonders, the focus is all put right on the stoic John Stewart, his verdict read, in complex chains accepting his fate. But, the word 'Guilty' looks just a tad too cheesy, and honestly John's muscles look like those halloween costumes for kids.

Fernando Pasarin's interiors are much better, all his sci-fi architecture carries the same level of detail that the cuffs on the cover do. He's able to brilliantly depict the nice variety of constructs for different lanterns. He can capture amazing facial expression in a wide variety of aliens; and without being silly.

Even though this arc focuses heavily and John Stewart and Guy Gardner (as it pretty much has to) keeping in the spirit of Tomasi's run before this, many of the other GL's are frequently present. Careful readers will notice all the recurring characters, and how, even if they make small appearances, their appearances are always marked with something key to their character. And I think we need to keep a running tally of how many Green Lanterns Guy's punched in the face.

The only real flaw with this issue is that it feels a little short, because it's continuing a lot of the same tone and story from the previous issue. John was in holding or on trial, now John's in holding awaiting execution. There's a lot of similar emotional tones explored. They're still GOOD mind you, but don't hit quite as hard.

A new aspect here comes from seeing the micromanaging between the Guardians and the Alpha Lanterns. Well, the previous lack thereof I should say. But the Alpha Lanterns seem more hesitant, and the Guardians seem more concerned with morale. Guy, as the newly proclaimed Sentinel Lantern is able to bear witness to this, and we see him dish out some harsh raw emotion, and clever use of constructs as usual. No giant boxing gloves here. Heh heh, I love making fun of Hal.

In Conclusion: 4/5

It's another solid issue that suffers just a bit from overlap with the previous one. Honestly, this is already shaping up to be a FAR more interesting confrontation with the Alpha Lanterns than any other, emotions, logic, Inter-Corps politics, morals; all things come into play and a big battle is finally set up. It's a shame that this seems to be the currently overlooked GL series.

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