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    Larfleeze a.k.a. Agent Orange and the supreme wielder of The Orange Light of Avarice has resurfaced after billions of years when The Controllers attempt to take that which is rightfully his. After threatening and placing the blame for this trespass on his oldest enemies, The Guardians of the Universe, both parties decide to break off the treaty they once made with one another...and prepare for a war of catastrophic proportions that will tear The Vega System asunder.

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    When the Controllers trespass on Okaara in search of the Orange Light, they are destroyed and become part of the Orange Lantern Corp. Larfleeze, the controller of the Orange Light, blames the Guardians for this and he breaks off the treaty he has had with them for thousands of years. The Guardians decide that in order to prevent a war of the emotional spectrum from breaking out they must take the fight to him and stop him before its too late. Hal Jordan accompanies a large group of lanterns, even though he still has a Blue Lantern ring forced onto his finger and it won't come off. Larfleeze notices this ring while his constructs are battling the Green Lantern Corp, and he kidnaps Jordan and takes him back to his home.
    When Hal wakes up he sees that he is in a throne room of sorts with Larfleeze before him. Larfleeze is demanding that Hal gives him the blue ring, and in return he will tell him his origin. Larfleeze tells Hal about how he used to belong to a group of pirates who stole a treasure that was supposed to be worth an entire galaxy, however that wasn't enough for them. They tracked down another treasure and each of Larfleeze's comrades perished in search of it, however Larfleeze eventually won this treasure over, and he became the possessor of the Orange Lantern. The Guardians told Larfleeze they would allow him to have this power and that his entire galaxy would be off limits to anyone else if he would hand over the treasure he stole in the first place, that treasure being Parallax
    After hearing his story Hal still won't hand over his blue ring and Larfleeze decides he's going to take it one way or another. When Hal says he hopes that the ring will shut up after this is all over, he is able to finally activate the Blue Lantern's power. He uses this power to blast Larfleeze and weaken him, but not enough to finish him off and win the fight. The Guardians realize that Larfleeze is too strong for them to fight so they get him to surrender by giving him a new target. They tell Larfleeze where the Blue Lantern's homeworld is and so Larfleeze sends his army of constructs to Odym to take this power for himself.

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