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Sorrow-by Kyle Rayner


After the cliffhanger that was last issue we learn that the new GL a female named Cary wren is a descendant of kyle, thus why the ring works for her and our pal ganthet fills her in on everything else. Meanwhile Kyle is questioned by the leader of the lanterns about his disappearing ring. Oblivious kyle questions the authenticity of their claim to the green lantern name. Turns out each ring has a narrow range of abilities based on an energy siphon on board thanks to the location which is oan airspace. 
Kyle thanks to training from Donna manages to escape but the legion members are still captive. Cary arrives to save them while the other set of legion members spring a surprise attack and a big fight plays out. we get xs and Cary together a bit right before kyle comes in and stops the siphon which causes the lanterns to be defeated. 
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Kyle doesn't get much time to socialize as he gets his ring back and brainiac 5 whisks him to when there should be green lanterns.  The artpeice said to be one of history's greats is handed back to the museum and we get one of the most compelling shots, it was made by Kyle....entitled Sorrow. 
We see kyle back in the past getting reoriented and he runs into......SINESTRO FIGHTING HAL!!!
 end of issue
The Good 
We learn that kyle's legacy as a green lantern may eb lost to history but we learn that his essence, his art and bloodline which to me is arguably more important than  a hero/GL legacy lives on, That was just great. Another thing i loved, Kyle still doesn't realize the impact he will have on the world. I mean 1000 years after his present his art piece is called " a treasure of history" at a time when he's a struggling artist? sweet! Easter egg? We get a future GL and Flash team-up with XS and Cary  that was just cute. The art was spot on, fit the story and it flowed seamlessly.

The Bad 
Cant complain about anything.
The Ugly
5/5 stars for a masterful, cliffhanger of an ending.

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