Green Lantern #9

    Green Lantern » Green Lantern #9 - The Two and Only! released by DC Comics on February 1991.

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    Oa-The Guardians give their orders to the Green Lanterns of Earth. Hal Jordan is tasked with finding suitable candidates to rebuild the Corps, John Stewart has been appointed the protector and caretaker of the Mosaic World, and Guy Gardner is finally named the sole Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814.

    Earth-Guy tries inform The Justice League International that he is the new and only Green Lantern of Earth but no one believes him. He then goes across the globe trying to be a Green Lantern, the Guy Gardner way. He averts a mid-air collision by destroying one of the planes, he wreaks the home a man that kinda looks like someone who might work for the mob, and he brings a taste of the USA to Bulbania, the last commie place, that Guy knows of.

    While planing on saving the dolphins, Guy is blindsided by G'nort, who tries to convince Guy that he was given a ring by the Guardians and was told to patrol any sector he wants and he choose 2814. This does not sit well with Guy who tries to get rid of G'nort, but the alien is persistent and forces Guy to call the Guardians and see what they have to say.

    The Guardians claim to have nothing to do with G'nort and order Guy to let him stay in Sector 2814 until they can learn who gave him the ring. Guy, not wanting to be attached to G'nort and longer then he has to be, takes G'nort with him off world to find these Guardians who gave him the ring.


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