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Exposition, Exposition... 1

I've been liking this series thus far, and Geoff Johns knows better than anyone else how to create an enjoyable Green Lantern tale. Unfortunately, here we see perhaps the biggest, most consistent flaw in John's writing: His tendency to build up situations that just feel pretty underwhelming.Look at the past two issues of the secret of the indigo tribe. Here, we had a legitimately creepy set up, a sinister, mysterious group that we knew barely anything about, and legitimate danger for Sinestro th...

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Indigo Revealed 0

THE GOOD: Doug Mahnke's pencils are amazing for this book. He adds a lot of details and I think that the characters look amazing when he is drawing. I also really like the way the constructs look in this issue. I also really like the backgrounds and I think that it was one of my favorite parts of the issue. I really love the story. I really like the amount of history of the Indigo Tribe you learn in this issue. I think it involves a lot of characters but it worked out so perfectly, it is mind bl...

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Indigo Revealed 0

Sinestro is a member of the Indigo Tribe and is ready to apologize to Hal Jordad. The tribe, having converted Sinestro, is now ready to send Hal on his way. However, Hal isn't leaving with Sinestro. So he goes on a mission to located the Central Lantern Battery and maybe find the truth about this mysterious tribe.Geoff Johns purposely titled this arc 'The Secret of the Indigo Tribe'. Finally, after all this time, many questions are answered. Johns finally delivers what you want to know even thou...

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The Indigo Phoenix Is the Third 0

I've never been one to criticize Doug Mahnke's artwork, but I think this issue might be his best yet. The scenes of the landscape of the Indigo homeworld and the Indigo Battery are just GORGEOUS.But the real meat of the issue is the 'Indigo Tribe Secrets' this issue promises. Hooo boy do we get some nice ones. We get another piece of the puzzle that is the Indigo Oath, and we find out what NOK means! Which is a lot of things actually. But more than that, we find out the origins of the Indigo lig...

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Some secrets just aren't too secret 0

Finally more on the Indigo tribe! I've been waiting for this since Blackest Night and now I am fulfilled. Even more so that now Nok makes sense. Yes, I did try to decipher their language <only to lead me to madness> but to no avail.Other than Nok, I did manage to guess a lot about the Indigo tribe given some past issues (War of the Green Lanterns). Still it feels good to have the comic officially tell you....

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The Origins of the Indigo Tribe 0

This is my video review for Green Lantern issue 9. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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What the Nok? 0

Green Lantern #9 was amazing. The secret behind the Indigo Tribe was not so secret anymore, but the details around it were pretty awesome. Also, Sinestro's loss was quite moving. Thing I liked most in this issue were Alex Sinclair's colors; he was terrific.Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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Redemption at a price 0

If anyone had any doubt about Johns' ability to put together an amazing comic book story, they should be laid to rest with this issue.  I am not really sure where to begin here because there are so many different parts of the story which fit so perfectly, but I suppose the most impressive of all is that the origin story of Hal Jordan, already given a great amount of retooling and reference under Johns in the past 7 years, gets it even more here.  This leads to a touching moment with Sinestro (wh...

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The Secret of the Indigo Tribe is out! 0

Another late review but better late than never? Johns’ latest Green Lantern arc has teased answers to questions and mysteries about the Indigo Tribe. Will this issue deliver on these answers?SynopsisHal escapes from the hands of the Indigo Tribe and discovers the Tribe’s Central Power Battery along with its guardian and some answers.SPOILERS!The Good· Johns starts the issue well with an emotional exposition about Sinestro. We learn more about his relationship with Arin Sur, his thought processes...

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Phenomenal 0

Green Lantern continues to be a fantastic series with excellent art, awesome characters and brilliant plots. The secrets uncovered about the Indigo Tribe is enough to excite any Green Lantern fan as we delve deep into the origins of the indigo light and the connection of the Tribe to Abin Sur! Great humour is created between Hal Jordan and Sinestro and this all adds up to make an amazing series!...

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