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    Jade + Kyle

    Story: Kyle Rayner returns home and finds Jade in his shower and mistakes her for Donna Troy. He then pulls the curtain seeing Jade naked and she uses her power to kick him out. She then tells him why she's there and asks Kyle to hand her the backpack full of her clothes while she continues her shower. While carry the backpack Jade's underwear falls out when her brother Obsidian walks in and attacks Kyle because he thinks Kyle was trying to take advantage of his sister. When Jade stops them she complains to her brother about attacking Kyle, when Kyle decides to let her stay for the time being. Donna then comes in a yells at Kyle for letting Jade live with him. 

    The issue was pretty funny. 
    Obsidian is a bit too over protective, but was nice to have around.
    Donna always the jealous type
    It was a breather from the adventurers Kyle had.

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