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"Secret of the Indigo Tribe" Part 2! On the Indigo homeworld, Hal Jordan and Sinestro are trapped, powerless and on the run – with the entire Indigo Tribe in hot pursuit! Their situation grows even more dire when we learn the Indigos' deadly secret! Plus: Why Indigo-1 is so interested in Hal's predecessor, Abin Sur?


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THE GOOD: The art in this issue is stunning. I really like the sketchy feeling of the art and I think the emotion in this book is clear. I also really like the backgrounds in this issue because it definitely sculpts a bigger planet. The story in this issue reveals a whole lot about the Indigo Tribe, and even the creator. It also shows Hal thinking to get of a prison. We also get to see how you become an Indigo Tribe member. Overall, I think this issue will please the new fans it gained at the st...

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An accident 0

As far as DC's cosmic based stories are going at the moment, they seem to have put all their eggs in one basket, but it works because the flagship series is working so well.  Definitely one of the most fun part about the very powerful superheroes is seeing how they cope when their powers are gone, and we get to see that here not only with Hal but also with Sinestro.  The issue delves deeper into the questions about reprogramming a person's mind and also begs the question of why we all thought th...

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In-digo-lightenment 0

This cover is dangerously close to being a fairly boring standard one, but there's a really nice balance to it. The winged Indigo Lanterns on top create a great almost archway type thing for the logo to sit in, and create an interesting sense of depth with the triangular branches in the foreground. The moon right in the middle of the top is the center of the horizon, with invisible lines of perspective branching from it through both triangles. Then there's some nice 'empty' space around head lev...

4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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