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A fantastic issue of a fantastic book of fantastic importance. 0

Green Lantern #76, the first issue of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams storied run, uniting Green Lantern and Green Arrow, is perhaps the most important comic book ever written. For the first time in the medium, serious sociopolitical issues are put under the microscope and thoroughly examined through the pen of Mr. O'Neil. It does this bleeding heart well. Compared to modern times, the dialog is sometimes a little hamfisted, but for 1970, it is decades ahead of its time. The art is extraordinary for...

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What about the BLACK Skins, Mister Green Lantern?! 0

This is it, folks. This is THE most preachy run of comics I've EVER freakin' seen! Almost as bad as "Superman: Grounded"! ALMOST! And the worst part is...this is a Green Lantern comic. I pretty much grew UP on Green Lantern.And yet, unfortunately, Green Lantern's given me some of the most pretentious, preachy, head-up-its-ass, morality-play, talking-down-to-you storylines I have ever, EVER seen. And right outta the starting gate is a story run done by the the comic creating dynamic duo of Dennis...

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