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Shazam saves a local professor from certain death after a boulder falls and almost kills him. Once the deed is done he departs. Kyle has arrived in town to see the local hero and he sketches the local art exhibit. He gets thrown out by the professor. While outside he meets with Billy Batson the civilian identity of shazam. He shares his sketches with the young man while the professor unleashes a long dead god “Seti” and becomes possessed by it. Kyle and Billy transform separately and do battle with the villain Kyle attacks but Shazam wants to try and talk things out. Incidentally Shazam is the one to defeat the villain with words and Kyle having learned a valuable lesson departs.

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Galaxies away a slew of Darkstar related planets lay in ruins and the next projected hit is the planet Rann, John Stewart and Donna Troy plan to intercept the would be villain.

The Good

The lesson Kyle learns from Shazam is a great one it is pretty central to what any good hero is “fighting is not always the best course of action”. The art was still top notch and Kyle continues to grow at a steady and believable pace. The impending threat to the Darkstars also poses a great threat to look forward to along with Donna and Kyle’s being reunited.

The Bad

Still lacked a discernible wow factor.

The Ugly

3/5 stars


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