Green Lantern #7

    Green Lantern » Green Lantern #7 - Homecoming released by DC Comics on December 1990.

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    Hal, Guy, and John are all at the mercy of the mad Guardian. Who will save the day now? The answer may surprise you. "Homecoming!" Part 7 of 8. Guest-starring Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) and Green Lantern (John Stewart).

    Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Hal Jordan are all at the mercy Appa Ali Apsa, the last remaining Guardian in the Universe. Appa tortures Hal by forcing him to watch helplessly as Appa mind controlled aliens attack the Xudarians for helping Hal. Then Hal is forced to watch as Appa turns his beasts on Rose and Toby Hardin. Just as Appa is about to give the final blow to Hal, the Guardians of the Universe return to Oa.

    It is then revealed that Hal earlier went into the broken Power Battery not to get power but to contact the Guardians and let them know of Appa's plans and misdeeds. The Guardians deal with the Mad One while Hal and the other two lanterns rescue the people in danger.

    Just when it appears like the heroes have saved the day, John becomes mind controlled again and goes to Appa's aide leaving Hal and Guy to deal with Appa's beasts. Soon their rings become drained and they realize the Guardians have been defeated and Appa Ali Apsa is now the most powerful being in the Universe.


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