Green Lantern #64

    Green Lantern » Green Lantern #64 - War of the Green Lanterns, Part One released by DC Comics on May 1, 2011.

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    War of the Green Lanterns" ignites with part 1 of the blockbuster event that'll burn into the summer! A malevolent force has usurped control over all the power batteries, leaving the Corps powerless except for a select few members. Now it's up to Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Sinestro to regain control – but can these warriors overcome their differences in time to save the univers


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    Hal Jordan is to be Arrested? This Won't Go Well 0

    You can't have Green Lantern comics without wars breaking out. This is going to be a big one when Hal Jordan is to be arrested by the Corps. Who will take his side?  The Good The Green Lantern comics have come a long way. They've always contained big adventures whether they took place on Earth or in space. The past few years the stories have gotten bigger and bigger the past few years. The latest event will pit the Green Lantern Corps against each other.   What? Why are they turning on each othe...

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    War of the Mind-Controlled Green Lanterns 0

    War of the Green Lanterns kicks off as a revamped, far more interesting take on Krona goes after his revenge on the Guardians of the Universe, using the Green Lantern Corps and Emotional Entities to do it. However to actually give us a war of Green Lanterns, Geoff Johns has to force it to happen.  The strongest part of this issue is Krona's confrontation with the Guardians and the method of revenge he takes on them. The use of the Emotional Entities is very fitting and really fits perfectly with...

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    You belong to the book 0

    Picking up directly from the prelude, the crossover starts here and in somewhat spectacular fashion.  The first half of this issue is a little slow but it gets getting a lot faster when the Black Book of Oa and its guardian become a major player.  Meanwhile there is action occurring on Oa as well as with the team of Green Lanterns sent to retrieve Hal.  Really though it is the closing few pages which give this issue a lot of depth and push the crossover into some new and interesting directions. ...

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