Green Lantern #63

    Green Lantern » Green Lantern #63 - War of the Green Lanterns Prologue released by DC Comics on May 1, 2011.

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    In this stunning prologue to the "War of the Green Lanterns," an unearthly alliance is made, Hal Jordan and Sinestro make a difficult sacrifice, and the power of Parallax grows!

    One Billion Years Ago. Krona believes that emotion is vital to life and risks his own destruction at the hands of the Guardians of the Universe. Even his closest friend Ganthet, warns him against his actions. When Krona doesn't expects Ganthet's warning, he is attacked by the Guardians and Manhunters.4

    Today, Oa. The Guardians of the Universe meet to discuss the current situation of the Universe. The Red Lanterns are rampaging across the universe, proving that "Law and emotion cannot coexist without conflict." In their opinion the Lanterns are worse than the alterative and the worst of all is Hal Jordan.

    Elsewhere... Hal Jordan, meets with Atrocitus, Indigo-1, Larfleeze and Saint Walker to discuss what Krona is planning when he captures the Entities. The conversation turns to infighting until Carol Ferris turns up being chased by Krona. The group attempts to fight Krona, until Sinestro shows up and explains the group is only fighting Krona's afterimage.

    The Lost Sector, The Dead World of Ryut. Indigo-1 teleports the lanterns to Ryut where they find the Book of the Black. When they open it they are sucked into the Book of the Black and


    The lanterns witness, Krona use a Green Lantern energy gauntlet to fight a group of Manhunters. He then reprograms the Manhunters to attack the people of Ryut.

    Krona is then put on trial and found guilty of killing billions and having emotion, to which is response is "Beware my Power."

    Meanwhile, the Lanterns are trapped in the Book of the Black and verse six ends and new chapter is accessed, THERE CAN BE ONLY THREE.


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    Guess What? More Epic Craziness Inside 0

    As the War of the Green Lanterns approaches, Krona's plan with the Emotional Entities moves further along.  The Good Where to begin? The Green Lantern comics continue to get more and more intense with each issue. I've always enjoyed Hal Jordan's adventures but the recent stories keep getting more and more epic. This issue begins with a flashback one billion years ago. That's some crazy stuff. Seeing Krona before his current state and right away on the second page we're treated with a rather inte...

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    Green Lantern #63 0

    The Guardians declare that Hal's to be considered an enemy of the corps, The Book of Black reveals the history of Krona and the Guardian's of the Universe, and new prophecy is discovered within it's mysterious pages.  The Good This issue does a good job of making you feel like you're really looking eons and eons into the distant past. The original appearance of the Maltusians, their uniforms bearing the symbol of the , Krona's precursor to the power ring, it all feels appropriately antiquated.  ...

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    There will be only three 0

    Cover I really love the cover. It is all the colors of the different Lanterns. Also the art is very good also. So, this cover really drew me in to get the issue. Story All the lanterns have to team up to defeat Krona. But first they have to find his motive for why he wants to steal all of the entities. As the lanterns search they find the Black Lantern book which has the lost chapters of the Book of Oa. One chapter reveals a little about Krona and then the book reveals a new chapter titled “the...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.
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