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The Picnic

Kyle and Donna race through the stars. Kyle is in the lead on a lantern created Bike. While Donna in her darkstar suit trails behind. She eventually surpasses him after shooting at him with lasers.  Kyle is less than happy he lost the race but Donna says a deal is a deal. He is her slave for the day. He sets out a picnic and Donna  starts talking about her custody hearing and just being glad she has Kyle in her life. Kyle chides that this picnic on mars will surely take the weight from her shoulders.

Meanwhile on Apokalips Darkseid and his minions observe the last of the guardians lanterns and decides to test this “last lantern” by sending Kalibak to battle but not kill him. Kalibak eager to serve his father jumps into action.

Back on mars the lovers snuggle as Kyle promises her a carriage ride through new York. Just then via boom tube Kalibak and soldiers of darkseid arrive. The couple get separated as Kalibak corners Kyle. He is unprepared for the ferocity of his opponent though he fights valiantly. Donna fends of the soldiers as Kyle falls before Kalibak. Deciding to disobey his father and kill the lantern and retrieve the ring for darkseid  he is stopped by an enraged Donna who distracts him long enough for kyle to deliver the finishing blow.

Defeated the
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retreat to Apokalips where darkseid spurns Kalibak for not following his orders. Meanwhile the couple lament if they will be attacked again after the beating they gave the troops.

Outside desolation Texas a hitchhiker gets a ride…..Hitchhiker turns out to be a returned Hal Jordan!!

The Good!
Donna and Kyle’s relationship continues to grow, as they both deal with her custody case as only they can. We get a good bit of chemistry from the pair and also see how they balance each other out. Fight scenes were ok, Action Junkies should dig it.

The Bad!
Uneven art, some panels were spot on …others?….like that shot of Hal were just Fugly!

The Ugly!
2.5/5 average read

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