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The Crazy Action Continues

Last issue knocked me off my feet with the revelations and cliffhanger. With Barry Allen possessed by Parallax, what happens next? 

The Good 

There is so much action in this book lately. I've been worried that Geoff Johns has a full work load with all his new responsibilities and the different issues he's writing. Silly me, the fast paced action and crazy happenings keep coming. Barry Allen possessed by Parallax, Hal Jordan directly challenging Parallax, the other Lantern Corps and....that mysterious Guardian dude that we saw a few issues ago, there's so much here. There's even a recap on the first page to help new readers catch up on the recent events. 
Doug Mahnke does a great job on the art as always. Each time I read an issue with his art, I like him more and more. Rod Reis has his work cut out for him as the colorist and all the different Lanterns and Entities. Usually I have issues with too much color in comic books but that's not a problem here. 

The Bad 

The battle between Hal and Parallax didn't quite go as I expected. Maybe it was Parallax wanting to toy around with Hal but I would think if he was in control of Barry and his speed powers, he could simply knock Hal out with punches at super-speed. Also while the battle rages, we don't see the other Lantern Corps until it's almost over.  

The Verdict 

Each month I am amazed at how consistently good Green Lantern has been. Being a big GL fan, it's great getting these epic stories without the feeling of being let down. Despite having the Brightest Day label on the cover, this feels like it could be its own event. I don't know how long all the different Corps will hang around but I'm enjoying them all here while it lasts.

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