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The Crazy Action Continues 5

Last issue knocked me off my feet with the revelations and cliffhanger. With Barry Allen possessed by Parallax, what happens next?  The Good There is so much action in this book lately. I've been worried that Geoff Johns has a full work load with all his new responsibilities and the different issues he's writing. Silly me, the fast paced action and crazy happenings keep coming. Barry Allen possessed by Parallax, Hal Jordan directly challenging Parallax, the other Lantern Corps and....that myster...

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The Power of Oa Compels You!!! 0

I wasn't too wowed with how the last issue went down, to say the least. But boy, oh boy does business pick up here!  Johns and Mahnke are both in rare form here. The Good So much to like here, for one there's the art work. Mahnke really does a great job here and his pencil work flows ever so fluidly with Johns' narrative. There's a perfect synergy betwixt his pencil and Johns' pen in this issue that's rare and wonderful to behold. His Parallax Flash looks truly, truly fearful. There's just somet...

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And the Entity Thief Is... 1

The Good: I usually don't like such hamhanded summaries of previous events (I for one feel like jumping in the middle of a story arc is RETARDED, but w/e) but this one is actually pretty cool. The fight with Hal and Barry-llax was pretty cool, and it was good to see a nice drawn out fight after a bunch of issues of dialogue and various journeying. Larfleeze once again proved that he can be a force to be reckoned with and an absolute psychopath rather than JUST comedic relief. The use of Parallax...

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Funny How the Flash Gives This Book a Slow Start 0

The identity of the being collecting the Emotional Entities is revealed, and it is another example of Geoff Johns' skill at polishing off an old concept and making it shine.  This new development is great, because it is a reimagining of a character who always had a great premise but in execution has always kind of been a campy and unimpressive villain. I know some may disagree with that, but the character has never really taken off in the way you would think a character with a concept like his s...

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A Flash Fan's Perspective 2

      Earth's Mightiest BFF's. As a rabid Flash fan as well as someone on a tight comic buying budget, this issue was a must this week. I've got nothing but respect for the world of GL, but I've always been more of a fan of the Scarlet Speedster. Geoff Johns is doing superb work with the Flash series, so I had no trepidation whatsoever. Let Parallax take control of Barry and I'm onboard for quite an adventure. The character of Barry has always been made special by his sheer likeableness and...

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Fun with Barallax 0

I thought this was an okay issue. I must admit that Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern is really starting to run thin for me, and I would really like it if another writer took over for him, but that's besides the point. What's the good: Doug Mahnke's art is definitly showing some improvement. I thought the fight between Hal and Barallax (Barry Allen possessed by Parallax) was good, and there definitly was some strong dialogue there. I also liked the fact that we finally got to see who the hoodless...

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All Will Not Be Well 0

 You want to know my instant reaction upon setting this comic back down after reading it?  "Well, that was completely unnecessary..."It's not that the issue was entirely all that bad.  It just was not good... at all.Let's back up for a moment and consider what went wrong:First off, the whole Parallax/Flash combination was mostly used to bring the hidden little terror in the rags to Earth in his first stroke against Green Lantern et al.  Also, it seemed mostly as a publicity stunt to sell mo...

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The Collector of Entities 0

This issue is adrenaline, pure action, great pages of battles and revelations and all of that just designed with great writing and dialogues. Geoff Johns is very creative and when he glimpsed the multiple possibilities surrounding Green Lantern Universe, specially the torturous past of Hal Jordan, he just can´t let go of what he viewed as this character´s path, and that´s an amazing tuning with Jordan, something that he has done very well since he became the captain of this book. Getting Hal to ...

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No but I saw the movie 0

The superhero versus superhero is one of the oldest plot devices in comics and we get to see it here in the form of Hal Jordan against the Flash.  Of course the Flash is possessed by Parallax and therefore not really acting himself.  In the course of the battle though the usual cliches of superhero against superhero battles are avoided as Hal is busy fighting Parallax more so than Barry.  Another good addition to this is that this battle only takes up the first half of the book while the second ...

3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

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