Green Lantern #6

    Green Lantern » Green Lantern #6 - Two Against the World released by DC Comics on November 1990.

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    Guy arrives on Oa, but will his presence save the day, or just make things worse. Plus, what will be the cost for the mad Guardian's patchwork world? "Two Against the World!" Part 6 of 8. Guest-starring Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) and Green Lantern (John Stewart).

    Guy Gardner is flying to Oa to help Hal Jordan stop Appa Ali Apsa and his mad plan to steal cities and move them to Oa, but as Guy nears Oa he gets a message from Hal to sneak in quietly. Guy does this by stowing away on a city from Barrio III, which Appa is bring to Oa.

    Meanwhile on Oa, John Stewart is trying to fight the mental control Appa has on him but no avail and Hal Jordan gets in contact with Tomar Tu, who agrees to help the Green Lantern.

    When Guy gets to Oa, he emerges from his hiding spot, but is attacked by the residents of the Barrio city, due to the fact they are under Appa's mind control. Guy escapes the city but is attacked at every turn by different alien creatures. Lucky for Guy, Hal uses his ring to project different creatures to scare off the aliens that are attacking Guy, but soon Guy's luck runs out and he is captured by Appa.

    While Guy is trying to get to John and Hal, Hal uses a trick and enters the broken power battery but when he emerges he is captured by Appa. Appa tries to read Hal's mind and learn of Hal's plans but can't. Appa soon looses interest in Hal's plans and reveals the next stage in his plan it to destroy the home world of the cities he stole and use their power to make his Mosaic World permanent.


    • First letter column titled "Oa, By the Way...."

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