Green Lantern #54

    Green Lantern » Green Lantern #54 - The New Guardians, Chapter 2 released by DC Comics on July 1, 2010.

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    BRIGHTEST DAY shines its light on the "New Guardians" who have been forced to make Earth their new home! Why? You'll have to read it to believe it. While Hal is forced to deal with Larfleeze and his newfound appreciation for Earth culture, Sinestro uncovers the mystery behind Parallax's disappearance.

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    Green Lantern 54, The Issue That Doesn't Feel Like A Filler 0

    Summary:   Picking up from Brightest Day 1, Hal, Carol, and Sinestro are in front of the White Lantern when it suddenly reacts to them lifting it. The White Lantern speaks to them and telling them of their new mission. Elsewhere, Atrocitus is on earth causing some mayhem bellow the New York subway. When the 3 approach him in needing his help once more, things get out of hand.  The Good:   As the title says, IT'S NOT A FILLER ISSUE!!! Many things happen that were good. First we saw more of Dax-St...

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    I didn't know Atrocitus had a love for cats!!! 0

    Story This issue starts off on the subway where these thugs are causing some trouble. Atrocitus and his cat saves the people on the subway. Back at the scene of the white lantern, Hal is still trying to pull it out of the ground. Carol, Sinestro and Hal all pull together and it unleashes mayhem! They are seeing the Black Lanterns and deadly things. It finally stops and Atrocitus is now fighting with Green Lantern, Starsaphire and Sinestro. It seems that Atrocitus has some love in him. At the ver...

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    Review: Green Lantern #54 0

    Atrocitus makes Earth his home and seemingly tries to protect Earth's people as Star Sapphire, Sinestro, and Hal Jordan figure out the purpose of the White Lantern on Earth and what they have to do in order to maintain peace across the universe.  The Good Finally, an issue about working together as a team instead of everyone fighting each other. True, Blackest Night did bring many lanterns together to reach the same goal, but this issue has them working together because they want to. I also no l...

    9 out of 11 found this review helpful.
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