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Part 1: The Power Ring that Vanished

Green Lantern is flying over Coast city when his power ring is suddenly pulled off of his finger by a mysterious force. The clock then turns back to show exactly what happened before this occurred. Many people have come to a party where Hector Hammond, renowned scientist, is attending. Carol is very fascinated by Hammond, enough that she thinks about him more than Green Lantern. Hammond drives Carol to his home, which at first seems nothing too special, but then he causes it to raise above the cloudy sky and everyone marvels. He shows off many of his inventions and claims he's made many discoveries other scientists haven't found yet. Hal Jordan tells Pieface he wants to check up on Hammond, not because of jealousy that Carol prefers him, but because he appears to be an expert in chemistry, biology, astronomy, and physics, all of which are not just the main sciences but also the specialties of four scientists who had disappeared a while ago. He charges his ring in front of Pieface and tells him that he is to impersonate him for the next day and using his ring, he turns Pieface into a Green Lantern and gives him his own appearance. Hal Jordan uses his power ring to try to locate the missing scientists while Pieface marvels at the power he has and goes on pretending to be Green Lantern. Meanwhile, Hector sees Pieface as the Green Lantern and thinks he is trying to impress Carol but she'll never go to Green Lantern. He wishes to even marry Carol and then goes to visit his four scientists whom he believes Green Lantern should worry about if he wasn't showing off. It is shown that the four scientists had been evolved by Hammond to the point they are as smart as humas will be in thousands of years to come and they have also found a way to finally escape from Hammond. They activate a ray to bring Green Lantern to them, and as they do, Pieface's ring starts glowing and then as he follows the rays his ring is picking up, the ring is flung off his finger and he begins to fall, but the scientists save him. They tell him they need him to help them escape and tell him about how nothing can get out of the barrier they are all trapped in. Hammond then finds the power ring and marvels at the power he gained with it. He thinks about how a meteor he found long ago was the key to his success as it caused things to evolve into what they will be thousands of years to come. Using it, he evolved the four scientists and the forced them to make scientific discoveries for him and have made him famous. He enters the room with the scientists and finds Green Lantern there, but without his ring he was powerless and was devolved into an ape. Then the real Green Lantern with his ring follows mysterious vibrations and soon finds the secret island of Hammond. He battles with Hammond but they seem evenly matched. Hammond retreats and uses his ring to cause damage and chaos to Coast City which Hal Jordan repairs with his ring. Hammond creats several machine guns and prepares to fire when Hal is suddenly knocked out by a falling tree branch. Hammond finds himself very lucky but as he prepares to fire, his ring runs out of power and then Hal awakens and takes Hammond down. Afterwards he evolves Pieface back into a human and devolves the scientists that had been kept as hostages. When they return to Coast City, Hammond had been exposed as a fraud and Carol feels silly for ever liking him and once again holds Green Lantern as the one she really wants. Meanwhile, Hammond has been forced to help out at the library as his punishment, but he secretly plans on using books to achieve his evil goals.

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