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Driven mad by the destruction of his city, Hal Jordan hell bent on its resurrection cuts a swath through the remaining Green Lantern corp in his bid for more power. As he gets closer to Oa and defeats his fellow Corps men he adds their rings to his. All this and on Oa the guardians are forced to make a fateful decision to safeguard there very survival......reinstate Sinestro of Korugar as leader of the green lantern corp since he alone stands a chance of stopping Hal!

Hal Jordan once the greatest green lantern is full of rage as he flies off toward the planet Oa. As he gets closer he’s confronted by a series of lanterns, from Kehaan and Laira to Tomar Tu, Hannu, Jack T chance, Boodika and even Kilowog. With each fight his rage increases as he thinks about all he’s given to the corps, to the guardians and to the galaxy as a whole and all he has to show for it is a charred piece of land where his “life” once stood. He also adds each defeated Lantern’s rings to his hand, thus increasing his powers.

Meanwhile on Oa the guardians are confident that one of there servants will stop Jordan, Ganthet is the lone voice of reason pleading they try an alternate course of action as what they are trying will not work. With no plan of their own as Jordan is almost upon Oa and more powerful than ever they decide to do as Ganthet suggests.

As Jordan arrives the guardians make one finale plea for him to surrender his ring when he refuses and demands the power of the central battery, their midnight savior approaches and its revealed as….SINESTRO!!!!

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