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    The Rise of the Rings

    Before your read any of this, just a warning that it is a full scale 

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    Okay, I think that got everyones attention. Now for the review. I felt that this issue really helped define the rings, showing their differences. The Red Lantern ring literally renders the heart unnecessary. Atrocitus got his ripped out, and kept right on trying to destroy black lanterns. Black Lanterns can sense emotion, and regenerate. Orange Lanterns have the whole corps. Indigo Lanterns channel other rings as well as their indigo compassion.
    In addition to clarifying the rings, this issue developed the relationship between Hal and Sinestro and Abin Sur. John Stewart and the planet Xanshi. And everything wove together, making an excellent story.

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      After the two main issues of this story arc being of the highest quality (Green Lantern Corps and the Blackest Night tie-in) this issue takes a step back if only slightly.  As was alluded to in the last issue the story here focuses pretty much on the four assembled ring bearers against Abin and Arin Sur.  Of course Hal and Sinestro have the most in common with these resurrected Green Lanterns, and they serve as the focus for their attacks, although Carol and Indigo 1 are active as well and prove...

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