Green Lantern #41

    Green Lantern » Green Lantern #41 - Agent Orange Part 3 released by DC Comics on July 1, 2009.

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    Prelude to BLACKEST NIGHT! In Agent Orange part 3, the truth behind the eternally corrupt Vega System is finally revealed and the Green Lantern Corps will pay dearly for uncovering the secret. Meanwhile, the greed of Agent Orange knows no bounds as his demand for the universe explodes. Plus, Hal continues to struggle with the abilities of his new power ring.


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    Other plans 0

    After some shakier issues to get to this point this story arc and lead-in to Blackest night really finds its feet here.  The story mostly deals with Hal conversing with Larfleeze and making a bargain such that information is traded for the blue power ring.  This reveals a complex background story for Larfleeze and one which tied in Corps history quite effectively.  Meanwhile back on the planet's surface a number of corps members are still in conflict with the orange lanterns, and the situation b...

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    *Crunch* Yum 0

    I'm not a huge a DC fan, I've never read a Green Lantern comic, I'm not really a person who most people would ask for an opinion on Green Lantern. But I read this issue as an issue alone after getting brought up to speed by the guy at Hot Comics who swears by Hale Jordan. This was a fun issue.The basics: There are several power rings out there. There is only one Orange Ring, it's owner kills anyone who threatens to steal his ring. Twist: he thinks everyone is out for his ring.Everyone Agent Oran...

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    Another piece to the Puzzle 0

    First off, i love the Green Lantern stories, so of course im gonna really enjoy this one.  The Origin of Agent Orange is revealed as he tells his tale to Hal after he agrees to give his Blue ring to Orange in exchange for his words. He tells of how he came to Okaara, what he found, what he did to anger the Guardians and the pact he made with them. No spoilers at all for this issue, its one your just gonna hafta read for yourself. But like i said, its another piece to the puzzle of Blackest Night...

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