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The Diabolical Missile from Qward

On Qward, the evil Qwardians have created a new weapon to destroy Green Lantern and plan on destroying all power batteries. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan and Pieface are working on a jet at the Ferris Aircraft Company when suddenly, Hal's power ring starts glowing as though something's wrong. He charges the ring and comes out, but then a mysterious red missile appears and though Green Lantern tries to stop it, his ring seems to be unable to affect it as though it was yellow. The missile follows Hal everywhere but he swerves and tricks it into crashing. Afterwards, he hurries back to the base but finds Pieface in a shocked state. He feels that radiation from the missile may be the cause and goes back to where it crashed to find out where it came from. As he finds it, he is shocked to learn that the missile was really yellow, but it's armor was transparent and red lights on the inside gave it the appearance of being red. He then realizes the missile must have come from Qward and hurries off to find a cure for Pieface's radiation sickness before it's too late. He gets to Qward and soon he meets the men who made the missile and they already know why he had come and offer him a deal. If he defeats their greatest gladiator in combat, he gets the antidote and goes free, he accepts. When he first appears in the arena, he doesn't feel too threatened, but then the robot turns yellow and his ring has no effect on it. As they battle, the robot sends thoughts to Green Lantern that it does not wish to fight and that it had learned good from evil and it wants to help him. The robot pretends to attack him while secretly giving him the antidote, but the Qwardians find something fishy going on and blast the robot. Hal escapes and uses his ring to generate a tidal wave to take out the Qwardians. He then goes back to his universe where he uses the antidote to save Pieface. He knows he has not seen the last of the Qwardians and also regrets the loss of the robot as a potential ally.

Secret of Green Lantern's Mask!

Pieface drops Hal Jordan off to a party where he plans to meet Carol Ferris. Hal Jordan gives a note from Green Lantern claiming he couldn't make it to the party and Hal tries to ask out Carol and attempts to amuse her with card tricks but she says nothing he can do is as good as Green Lantern. Hal later meets the rest of the party but in the meantime, a bunch of crooks have a plan to disguise one of them as Green Lantern and plan a heist at the party. Hal amuses the party with stories and such, but then "Green Lantern" comes in through the window and welcomes everyone, but Hal finds it suspicious as he is the Green Lantern. The phony Green Lantern with the help of his fellow crooks does spectacular feats with his ring, entertaining everyone. Afterwards he excuses himself saying he needs to charge the ring, but he and his cronies begin their planned heist. Hal Jordan finds something wrong and switches to his identity as Green Lantern. Meanwhile, Carol decides to do a scavenger hunt where the winner is the one who removes Green Lantern's mask. They all look for him, and Carol finds him and chases him but he trips and falls. She removes his mask but finds him unattractive and the way he had been acting makes her lose interest in him. Although he had been unmasked, no one recognized him and so he begins his planned heist. He tells everyone to put their jewels and valuables on a table where he says he'll send them into space around the moon and back. But then the lights go out and as they flicker back on, all the valuables are gone. Then, the real Green Lantern appears and stops the crooks with ease. Hal then returns to the party as Green Lantern and as she learns the other was an imposter, she attempts to remove his mask only to find it won't come off because it's fixed on by force of his ring and willpower. The two go back to the party and Carol has hopes she'll one day see his true face.

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