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Agent orange part 1

 Green Lantern issue 39 starts the four part storyline titled "Agent Orange" and stars Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern who was presented the Blue power ring of hope after the previous storyline Rage of the Red Lanterns. In this issue, The Gaurdians are threatened by a foe they met with along time a go. The Alien named Larfleeze is the only bieng in the universe who wields the orange Lantern of Avarice. He has come to get what is rightfully his from the gaurdians and sends a giant orange version of himself to attack the green lantern corps. After this, Hal Jordan and other Green Lanters set off to find Larfleeze on his own planet, Okarra. This issue features the orgins and omens back up tale, and is written by Geoff Johns and with art by phillip Tan. Although it is not their best work it is still worthy of 4 stars.

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    Need to find him 0

    Between Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, the buildup to the upcoming events are getting quite complex and convoluted, and this becomes even more so the case here.  With already the Red, Purple, Green, Blue and Yellow spectra accounted for it is n ow time to reveal the orange spectrum (as well the indigo spectrum is also referred to.)  The background here is adequate with the interference by the Controllers leading to the return of Larfleeze.  In the meantime Hal confronts Ganthet and Sayd ...

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