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    Final issue. The lights went out on Green Lantern with this issue - a sign of the end of the Golden Age era of superheroes. Adding insult to injury was the fact that Green Lantern was nowhere to be seen on the cover of this issue - his crime-fighting dog Streak hogging the spotlight. A Green Lantern tale scheduled for a never-published #39 would be printed for the first time in Green Lantern #88.

    1. "THE MURDERED CLUES" (Green Lantern) Alan Scott returns to his office to find his chair tied and stabbed in the back, soon learning of a similarly murdered man who was chairmen of several companies board. next, he finds a copy of Shakespeare's "The Tempest" with two bullet holes before seeing the captain of a ship called "Stormy Weather" shot.
    2. MA NATURE'S CURIOSITY SHOP (humor strip)
    3. "SNOWBALL" (Wonder Dog Of The Month) a dog saves its owner from a snake.
    4. "THE DOUBLE PLAY" (Streak The Wonder Dog) Streak accompanies Alan Scott to a play in a small town and stops a bank robbery.
    5. MONEY STUFF (humor strip)
    6. "DAZZLING DIAMONDS" (text story)
    7. "THE IMPOSABLE MR. PARADOX" (Green Lantern)
    8. SCIENCE-SNAPS (humor strip)

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