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Burns brightest

Building on the lead-in from the previous issue, the story here spends little time getting to the action - Hal finds SInestro, the Red Lanterns ambush Hal, and then the Sinestro Corps surprisingly comes to the rescue.  If this were the only aspects of the plot it would still have been a very entertaining issue but this one goes farther, reigniting old tensions between Hal and Laira and Hal and Sinestro, but also ignites new ones as between Hal and Atrocitus.  Once the action gets going here it gets going fast and the isssue proceeds at a pretty good pace, and it is held together well by a combination of good dialogue, interesting plot twists and a decent amount of action.  The cliffhanger in itself pretty much made this issue worthwhile.  A very solid issue and proves once again the creative staff behind this title knows what they are doing.  

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