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  • "Perils of the Trapper!" (Broome/Hasen/Giacoia) - Green Lantern battles against a villain who knows how to live off the land, and set traps for foes of any size.
  • Story 2 : "The Unexpected Guest!" (Kanigher/Toth) - Green Lantern leaves Streak the Wonder Dog with his secretary Laura Lacey when he goes on vacation. Lacey and Streak then encounter the notorious Polka-Dot Gang.
  • Story 3: "The Secret Of 13!" (Reinman) - Whenever selection 13 is played on a jukebox, a robbery takes place. It is up to Sargon The Sorcerer to solve the mysterious crimes.
  • Story 4: "Too Many Suspects!" (Kanigher/Toth/Giacoia) - Gotham is terrorized by a criminal who has discovered a way to make others confess to his crimes.

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