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The Hal/Sinestro Bromance

Ok, this cover is absolutely AMAZING. The figure of Hal Jordan in the hand of... Black Hand creates a pretty darn iconic kind of picture alone; but the mind melting optical illusion behind him is wielded perfectly to create an unnerving surreal picture. All the Godhead Act II covers have optical illusion background, but this is by far the standout best among them. The whole double spiral style is ingenious. Just beautiful.

Godhead had a very promising premise that started off really well; but quickly spun out of control into a weird direction before kind of stagnating across the first act. The beginning happened way too quickly, and the next few parts felt somewhat of a repeat of opening events, as well as just plain off. This whole conflict just feels weird. Sinestro, arguably the strongest current Lantern title managed to get the pacing back on track just in time to begin Act II this week, and I'm back to enjoying things.

One thing that really worked was putting the Hal Jordan/Sinestro bromance back together. These two are always amazing as a duo, and this issue basically spelled out exactly why. Hal Jordan's been playing it too safe, trying to be a strategist, a planner, and Sinestro plays out an emotional argument/battle to knock Hal back to his senseless senses. "How does it feel not to THINK?" was a perfectly delivered line, meant surprisingly not as an insult, but as summary of Hal's strengths. And OF COURSE they had to fight to get him to the place where he would recognize the merit of that. Hal hasn't been playing to his wheelhouse, and with deft use of Sinestro, writer Robert Venditti has steered him back to the path that made him such a notable Green Lantern.

Hal, of course, returns the favor of his greatest nemesis/friend snapping him back to his old self, by going to his other major wheelhouse as of recent years; teaming up with who should be his sworn enemies. As the cover and early lines suggest, Hal seeks out the help of his old nemesis Black Hand, to use the power of the Black Rings against the New Gods. It's actually logical thinking in this situation, just very dangerous. And Venditti is really taking an already creepy character in an even more unnerving direction and I like it. I think there's a subtlety people are missing, I don't think he went too far into comical, his zombies were a little of, but he himself seems accurate; just a little more off and twisted in a compelling way.


This was a very dialogue heavy issue; but it worked really well. The argument between Hal and Sinestro was incredibly telling of both their characters, and honestly already one of my favorite interactions between the two. Sinestro admits some long suspected things, and Jordan really needed this to shake him back into his game. The New Gods section had some interesting stuff, and the Black Hand bit tied it all together into a great package. This left things feeling a little slow, we got information but not a lot of forward momentum; but this is probably the best issue of Godhead we've had so far.

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