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The true meaning

This issue is inverted from the typical comic book format in that it loads the action at the front and the drama at the end.  It does so pretty effectively though as the beginning action serves as the inspiration for what follows.  The action basically follows a battle between Hal and Sinestro against Atrocitus.  Despite some momentary setbacks and despite needing some coaching from the more experienced member, it quickly becomes clear that Hal is well regarded by Sinestro.  That being the case Sinestro decides to confide in Hal some wisdom about how to be a better Corps member and a better person, which leads him to a confrontation with Carl Ferris.  This was handled especially well as was the conclusion to this both in how it reflects on Hal and and his father and on Hal and Carol.  This was a pretty good issue and keeps this story arc going strong.   

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