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Once coming across Abin Sur's space ship, they--the army--take it into a hangar and begin attempting to disassemble it. Hector Hammond is notified that they've just been able to disassemble the thrusters and are now near the fuel chamber. Hector, eager to get his hands on it, rushes in to take a look--without wearing his radiation shielded helmet. He begins to open the fuel chamber--believing that it's empty--and causes a small explosion which exposes himself to a high level of radiation. While getting medical treatment, Hector realizes that he can do things with his mind. Being full of rage, Hector takes it out on everyone that's around him and kills them all.

Meanwhile back on Oa, Hal has just graduated from Green Lantern boot camp and was shipped out. Back on the airfield Tom recognized Hal as the Green Lantern and confronts him about it. Hal admits it to Tom in a round-about way. Tom then notifies Hal that everyone has just quit after Carol Ferris took over the reigns from Mr. Arden.

Things are going bad for Carol. She is trying to recruit any and all pilots for her airfield but no one is taking her offer no matter what it is. Just then, Hal walks into her office and tells her that he is also calling it quits. She instead takes an enormous risk and offers him a job as a pilot. Hal is hesitant to take the job because now he does not need an airplane to fly.

Atrocitus, still on the run from Abin Sur's airship, comes across a campsite and kills it occupants. He begins to perform a ritual over the campfire in search for "the being that will birth the black".

Hal, now back in the pilot's seat at Ferris airfield takes his first flight. He is supposed to be running a test flight under strict conditions. Just as Carol says that this is Hal's last chance he messes it up. Sinestro, comes to Earth to investigate Abin's successor and notices that Hal is flying without his ring. Therefore, he stops directly in front of Hal's aircraft and it blows up in mid-air. Hal, realizing what has just happened, tries to use his ring's power to reconstruct the aircraft. This whole time he's getting a lecture from Sinestro about the rules of not questioning a superior veteran or officer, why he can fraternize in another sector from his own, etc.

Sinestro then reassembles the aircraft for Hal and Hal is allowed to land the aircraft safely on the ground. As soon as he hops out of the cockpit he gets an earful from Carol. They, Hal and Carol, at that moment hit the deck with immense pain in their heads. Hector Hammond has just emerged from the hangar and now realizes that he can also read minds...


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Among other things 0

After the last two issues which put in a lot more modern applications of the Hal Jordan origin story, this one focuses more on the pure origin.  With Carol and Sinestro introduced as future nemeses, it is time for Hector Hammond to get introduced and for a little bit of his origin to be told.  First Hal has a bit of a confrontation with Carol about where the company is headed and gets a chance to fly again.  On his first mission though he literally flies into Sinestro, who is investigating what ...

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setting up a tragedy 0

In Brief: Hector Hammond gains big-head powers and becomes an official pain, Atrocitus lurks about doing creepy stuff and Hal meets the greatest Green Lantern.   The Writing: Okay, so remember how last week was this slower, character-based encyclopedia of an issue? Well, we are kind of going along the same path with this one. Not a terrible lot of traditional action in this one. I mean, there are a few good explosions, but mainly this is another one of those issues where we meet great characters...

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GL Secret Origin Part 4 0

Reading the first meeting on Hal Jordan and Sinestro sends chills down my back. We see Hal Jordan being the brazen fighter pilot, fighting to the last moment—bucking authority and standing up for what he believes.   We see Sinestro-experienced and equally as cocky—in his first face off with Jordan.   This origin story is well placed as it fleshes out the relationship between Sinestro and the Green Lanterns. But, it draws conflict.   Knowing what will become of Sinestro—what will happen in the Si...

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