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"Green Lantern: Secret Origin" part 2! The origin of Green Lantern continues as Hal Jordan struggles with life after the Air Force and life at Ferris. But Jordan's world will change completely when he meets Carol Ferris again for the first time and the alien Abin Sur. Plus, who murdered Abin Sur? His fellow Corpsman and friend, Sinestro, wants to know.

• Abin Sur is flying a spaceship with Atrocitus in a emerald prison.Abin wants Atrocitus to show him the place that will lead to the birth of the Darkest Night.Abin's friend, Sinestro worries for his comrade's obsessionabout this prophecy but, as always, tells him that if Abin needs backup that not even the Guardians could keep Sinestro away from providing assistance. Abin Sur thanks his friend and continues on with his mission.

• Elsewhere, we see that Hal Jordan has not only been kicked out of the Air Force, he's also been kicked out of his own family. After trying to get a job at just about every airfieldexcept for Ferris, an old friend of Hal's dad named Ken Arden finally gives Hal a job: as a mechanic in training. It's here he meets Tom Kalkmaku. Tom teaches Hal everything he needs to know about why a plane flys.A pilot named Laminski gives Tom a hard time and Hal sticks up for him only to get some ribbing himself. As Tom tells Hal not to let Laminski get to him, Hal sees a trashed Ferris plane that reminds Hal of the plane his father flew him in when he was a boy and Hal decides he needs to get back into the air.

• Ken Arden along with Martin Jordan, Carl Ferris and Johnathan Stone were called the Four Musketeers and it was because of this close friendship with one another that Ken gave Hal the job at his airfield. Hal is trying to convince Ken that he is ten times the pilot Laminski is and that he should be the one who is up in the air as a pilot, but while Ken agrees about Hal's skills, he also says that Hal is ten times as dangerous as Laminski. Ken tells Hal that he's getting too old for this and that he sold his business to Ferris Air. Hal can't believe Ken would do something like this after what Carl Ferris did and wants to know why he would sell to him, but is interruptedby Carol Ferris.

• Carol brings the final papers to Ken Arden. She says that her father would have come himself but he's having the golf game of his life at Pebble Beach. Hal responds by saying it's nice that he can enjoy his golden years. Ken tries to introduce Hal to Carol but she already knows who he is. Ken explains that Carol, who was a pilot for Ferris now runs the company since her father has retired. Hal asks Carol about her being a pilot, but Carol says she has more important things to do like now, ending the conversation. After Hal leaves, Carol tells Ken that she thinks Hal is going to be a problem to which Ken says that the deal was for her to keep Hal on. Carol states that her father is not going to like this. Hal leaves to check out the busted up Ferris plane. He sits in the cockpit and thinks of his dad.

• Elsewhere, Abin Sur continues his search for the origins of the Blackest Night. Atrocitus continues to taunt Abin Sur, saying that his quest is fool-hardy and that the Blackest Night is something he can only face. He continues by telling Abin Sur that he is afraid. He tells Abin that he's made him lose faith in his power ring which is why he's flying a spaceship with weapons. Abin Sur responds by saying he's just being cautious. Atrocitus tells Abin that he's afraid to use the ring. That his faith in the ring's protection is wavering. Atrocitus says that his weakness in his own willipower carries through into his constructs and then Atrocitus frees himself of his prison and attacks Abin Sur, seriously injuring him before he escapes the ship. Abin sees where his location is and decides to try and land his ship. The ring says that if he lands his ship where it's projected, it could cause a lot of terrestrial deaths so Abin must try and land the ship somewhere more safe and he winds up crashing the ship.

• Abin Sur realizes that he's dying and that he needs to find a replacement for his sector. He uses the ring to find someone worthy of the ring and it finds Hal Jordan and brings him to Abin Sur.As Hal is soaring towards his new destiny, he hears the voice of Abin Sur tell him about who he is, what the Green Lantern Corps is, what the ring is, what the ring can do and its weaknesses.By the time the message is done, Hal is at the crash site where Abin Sur asks Hal if he accepts his new duty as Green Lantern.Hal accepts the ring and Abin Sur jokes that he can't believe that he never thought he would see the day when an Earthman would accept the ring.

• Hal takes the ring and he feels the green light graft over his body. He feels the heat of the green but the black of the costume was as cold as ice. Hal is a bit overwhelmed with what's going on and needs some air. The ring responds, which confuses Hal at first. The ring shoots Hal up into the air which...well, freaks Hal out a bit. But only at first. As soon as Hal realizes the freedom the ring gives him. The ability to fly without a plane, he gets used to it. He begins to enjoy the ride and sees Laminski flying. Laminski is talking to the tower about his plans for Carol Ferris when he sees a man flying ahead of him and loses control of the plane. Hal does what he can to save Laminski and the ship, gets the ship down in one piece more or less, but more importantly he saves the pilot.

• As people begin to crowd the scene, the ring puts a mask over Hal's face to conceal his identity. People are shocked to see Hal there in the costume. Hal tells the crowd that the pilot is going to need some medical attention and that he thinks he might have heard him throw up on the way down. Tom asks Hal who he is and the ring responds that he is Green Lantern of Sector 2814. As Carol wonders out loud what a Green Lantern is, she trips over a piece of the plane and falls forward. As Hal catches her, Carol's boyfriend Hector Hammond wonders the same thing and wonders if the superhero is making a play for his girl. Is he?


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what would you do? 0

In Brief: Trouble is brewing. First at Arden Air when Carol Ferris comes to buy it out, second when Abin Sur has some spaceship problems and the ring finds Hal. From there its pretty much Hal Jordan being human, having fun with a new toy.    Remember Hal's nice, comparatively ordinary life that was so understated in the first issue of this line? Well, hold on to your freakin' hat Mr. Jordan...  The Writing: This is one of my favorite comics of all time, mainly becuase of the writing. Let me expl...

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Not interrupting 0

This issue takes the origin story of Hal Jordan and gives it more depth and does so in a way that even erases some of the inconsistencies of the story.  For instance for a group of characters that can fly in space, why did Abin Sur crash a spaceship on Earth?  Well the answer here is pretty well played out, it is not just some comic book logic style of reason, but rather ties into everything which is going on in the Green Lantern titles at the moment.  The real heart of this issue though rests i...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

GL: Secret Origin Part Two 0

 Geoff John’s does a wonderful job of getting me interested in the Green Lantern again with Green Lantern #30. As he continues building the plot for the Secret Origin—it is quite clear that he is building a bigger story. It is exciting for me to read the interwoven stories foreshadowing of the current arc (The Blackest Night). But, let me focus back on the story. Secret Origins Part Two revisits the “Ring Ceremony” as Hal Jordan places the ring on his finger. I was surprised and confused that th...

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