Green Lantern #29

    Green Lantern » Green Lantern #29 - Secret Origin, Part 1 released by DC Comics on May 1, 2008.

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    Retelling the origins of the Silver Age Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, Secret Origins takes you back to Hal's true origins, from his childhood through to him joining the Air Force, and his first encounter with Abin Sur!


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    Representing the target audience 0

    What do I mean by the target audience? Explanation- I have never read a Green Lantern title in my life. I have been vaguely aware of Lantern Lore for some time, being primarily a DC reader,  but it was never my forte. Parallax, Abin Sur, Oa, Poozers, these were words and concepts in my periphery. Thus, when I was browsing the local comics cache some weeks ago and saw this little gem among the trade paperbacks I picked it up. The title made it seem like it might be a good place for a Lantern noob...

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    Where it begins 0

    This is a pretty standard retelling of the Hal Jordan story.  It has been touched on many times thus far in the series and thus might feel a little unnecessary, but to the uninitiated it reads pretty well.  It basically tells Hal's story from his young years idolizing his father, to joining the Air Force to his discharge.  It does a good job of adding some depth to the character as well as those who he confides in.  There is really only one addition to the regular storyline and that ties in the ...

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    Another Hal Jordan Origin Story 0

    Following the incredible Sinestro Corps War this issue once again revisits the origin of Hal Jordan. Much of it is rehashed background from the recent series and seems repetitive. The issue can't escape the feel that it is nothing more then filler from one major storyline to the next, but there are some compelling aspects of Hal's origin that are fleshed out. The impact of how Hal's decision to run away and join the air force affected his family is very well done. One can see how Hal goes from h...

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