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The bizarre introduction of the Alpha Lanterns concludes as the trial of the Lost Lantern ends! But what does the induction of the Alpha Lanterns mean to the future of the Corps? What fate awaits the rest of the Lost Lanterns? Plus, Hal has a startling revelation about the "Blackest Night!" (per solicitation)

• On Ysmault, Attrocitus and Qull argue about the current predicament. Qull explains that it was he who planted the seeds of fear in Abin Sur, who then brought these concerns to the Guardians of the Universe. Attrocitus then countered that due to his recklessness, the Guardians of the Universe sentenced them to the dismal world of Ysmault to rot for eternity instead of being sentenced to a sciencell. However, years and years of hate festering inside of Attrocitus has given him the knowledge to escape his prison and as he kills Qull in rage, he vows revenge against the being who calls himself the "Greatest of All Green Lanterns". Sinestro.

• Hal Jordan explains how billions of years ago, the Guardians took it on themselves to bring order into the universe. They created the Manhunters and they brought order to the worlds that had never seen it before. However, the Manhunters used excessive force and sometimes, wrongful arrests of beings and then there was the massacre of sector 666 which is only known to the Guardians and the Manhunters. When the Manhunters brought a war to OA, the Guardians turned to sentient beings to police the Universe, creating the Green Lantern Corps. Now, the Guardians have developed a new faction within the Green Lantern Corps: The Alpha Lanterns who are part Green Lantern and part Manhunter. They are the Internal Affairs of the Green Lantern Corps.

• Boodikka arrest Laira for the murder of Amon Sur as Laira can't believe the change in her former "Lost Lantern.” As Hal sees what is happening before him, he thinks back to what Sinestro told him and he begins to believe him. The Universe is starting to change and Hal knows that Sinestro's hands are all over it. Hal was told he didn't have to stay for the trial, but he feels that he owes Laira at least that much and decides to stay.

• Hal explains that he feels bad for Laira. That she's had it rough even before becoming a "Lost Lantern" at the hands of Hal Jordan as Parallax. Hal also explains that her father was considered a renegade Green Lantern as well. When Laira attempted to arrest him, he committed suicide. It's why Hal feels she took the fight against the Sinestro Corps too personally and killed twice as many members as anyone else. She was blinded by hatred.

• Laira begins her defense by saying that the first new law allows lethal force against members of the Sinestro Corps members. She continues on by saying that Amon Sur had killed Ke'Haan's family and many other innocents. The Guardians then ask Malet Dasim of sector 103 to present the indictment. While Malet Dasim takes great pride in the trials of the enemies of the Corps, he takes no pleasure in being the prosecution against a fellow Green Lantern member. Malet Dasim continues by saying that even though Amon Sur was armed with his Sinestro ring, he was in the process of surrendering when Laira delivered a fatal blow to his upper torso. He continues saying that any chance of Amon's survival vanished when Laira incinerated his corpse and assaulted fellow Green Lantern members when confronted with what she had done. Malet Dasam charges Laira with the murder of Amon Sur, assault and resisting arrest.

• Hal contemplates the last time he was here, it was for Sinestro's trial and he remembered how he fought for him. Hal wants to stand up for Laira and defend her. Even though Hal feels that lethal force should be only a last resort, he just doesn't feel that it applied in this case.

• The Guardians have heard the evidence and ask Laira if she has anything to say in her defesne to which she replies that she has no need to defend herself. She says that she did what the new law asked of her and if she had the chance to do it again, she would do the exact same thing. Boodikka then tells Laira that she lashed out with anger that is buried deep within her heart and she is on the road to becoming a renegade Green Lantern. Boodikka delivers her judgement: expulsion from the Green Lantern Corps. Outraged by this and with the memory of her shame due to her father, Laira lashes out only to be stopped by Boodikka.

• The Guardians tell Laira that she has misrepresented the Green Lantern Corps and that she has been stripped of her ring and her status within the Corps and will be returned homewolrd of Jayd. The Guardians hope that Laira will understand what she has done by misusing their light and perhaps the ring will one day find her again. Then, the Guardians turn their attention to the new laws of OA, the first one already in use. With lethal force against the Sinestro Corps now enabled and the Alpha Lanterns in place, the Guardians are now ready to enact the second new law: Lehtal force now enabled against all enemies of the Green Lantern Corps. As Hal hears the rings telling them that lethal force has been enabled, he thinks to himself that he can hear Sinestro laughing.

• Hal visits Sinestro in his sciencell, Sinestro wondering why Hal is there. He wonders if Hal is there shed a tear for the future of an old friend or if he's here to reminisce about, as earthmen calls it, the “good old days.” Sinestro reminds him of the time Hal went to find Carl Ferris to get revenge and it was Sinestro who showed Hal the right direction. Just as he showed the Guardians the right direction, Sinestro says that he knows the Guardians have revealed the second new law and Hal replied that Sinestro already knew this was going to happen. Sinestro responds by saying that it's very easy to predict the Guardians. They feel they must suppress all emotions and that the only way to fight the prophecy of destruction is to combat and extinguish the powers of the emotional spectrum. Sinestro says that instead of fighting the prophecy, they should be preparing for it.

• Hal asks Sinestro what prophecy he's talking about, but Sinestro ecplains that Hal already knows. Sinestro said he heard it from his friend Abin Sur. Sinestro explains that other Corps will arise. There will be a war between them and because of the war, the Blackest Night will be realized. Sinestro understands that the Guardians will panic when they realize they can't stop the prophecy, but Sinestro is confident that by the time they face the unknown shadows that will threaten the universe, the Green Lantern Corps will be reorganized into a force that will be able to crush any and all chaos. Sinestro believes in Green Lantern Corps and asks Hal if he does.

• The Guardians see a flash of red. They realize that the existence of the Sinestro Corps marks the beginning of all powers from the other spectrums being harnessed and that the Guardians must stay the war of light. Suddenly the scarred Guardian joins the other Guardians. She apologizes for not being around for the unveiling of the second law and tells the other Guardians that she has made a most troubling discovery, one who calls himself Agent Orange.

• Over in the binary star system of the Controllers, they are contemplating the fact that they have failed where the Guardians have not and that every attempt to build their answer to the Green Lantern Corps had failed. They failed with the Darkstars and the experiment with Effigy proved to be too unstable. They decided that they too must have a power source to tap from the fabric of sentient emotion. They want control of the universe and in order to that, the Controllers must locate the Orange Light.

• In sector 112, Hanuu is escorting Laira back to her homeworld in a ship. Hanuu apologizes to Laira for what has transpired, but Laira replies that without Ke'Haan and the Corps, she is no longer a "Lost Lantern,” just lost. Hanuu tells Laira that there is a chance for her to regain her ring back, but Laira tells Hanuu that she does not need her green power ring to make the Sinestro Corps members burn. Then something happens and Laira's eyes begin to bleed and she seems to see nothing but red. Then a red power ring comes to her and says, "Laira of Sector 112. You have great rage in your heart." The ring then floats onto her hand. Laira's eyes begin to glow red and she spits out a red substance from her mouth. Hanuu calls out to Laira, but she says, "No. Red Lantern."


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This issue was not particularly exciting but it was pretty compelling.  Laira still stands on trial for her murder of Amon Sur.  Meanwhile the presence of the Alpha Lanterns causes the Guardians to continue to rewrite the book of Oa.  Doing so changes one of the underlying principles of the Corps, now with the Alpha Lanterns in place, lethal action has been approved for all enemies and not just the Sinestro Corps.  With the change in place and Laira being stripped of her ring it becomes clear ex...

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