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Setting the stage for the Green Lanterns' role in FINAL CRISIS comes Part 1 of "The Alpha Lanterns," a new story arc written by Geoff Johns with art by Mike McKone (TEEN TITANS)! Who are the Alpha-Lanterns? What bizarre cosmic surgery have they undergone? And how will they affect the future of the Green Lantern Corps?

In the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps War, the Green Lanterns are undergoing an unprecedented reconstruction and reinvention, and the controversial Alpha-Lantern project is in full effect.

Meanwhile, with Sinestro's true machinations for his war revealed to Earth's prime Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart, debate rages across Oa as lines are drawn and crossed, new bonds are formed, and old ones broken.


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In what is more uncommon for this series as compared to Green Lantern Corps, this issue focuses a lot on the happenings on Oa and on the Corps as well, primarily the lost lanterns.  The first half of the issue is mostly just the cool down from the Sinestro Corps War, and John Stewart's introspection here gives the first half of the issue a bit more meaning than it would otherwise have.  Meanwhile Hal falls into one of his old habits just as John said he would.  To Oa, there are some good moments...

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The Alpha Lanterns Part 1-3 0

  In this three part epilogue to the Sinestro Corps, we find the third and fourth order of effects of the laws enacted by the Guardians—two allow lethal force to members of the Sinestro Corps. The ethical dilemma ensues—when is it legal to kill a member of the Sinestro Corps?   Is it murder to kill on sight?   Is it ok to kill in self defense? If Lethal Force is authorize in Last Resort…what does that mean? We see that the Guardians hand this duty of judgment to the Alpha Lanterns. Looking like ...

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