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I Just Had A Terrible Thought!

I just finished reading Countdown, The Search for Ray Palmer: Wildstorm, and Green Lantern. I have come up with a terrible terrible trick that could be being played on us. What if Kyle Raynor in Countdown and The Search has not been absolved of Parallax? What if this is all a trick? In this book he is not separated from the entity. In Countdown he doesn't even mention the Sinestro War. In The Search, Monarch (Capt Atom) asks him to lead his army...I thought I had heard that he only wanted a villain to lead his army...maybe it is Kyle as Parallax...I don't know...something is up...maybe I am dead wrong...possibly. This is issue was great! Hal wielding the yellow power was great and Sinestro's fail safe as well...seeing the Anti-Monitor kill was cool too. Parallax almost kills Guy and I was hoping it would happen. The Sinestro war is coming to Earth and the JLA will get only gets better from here i am thinking.

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    Thus far the crossover is switching back and forth between the two titles and both are fielding exceptionally entertaining stories and action.  Here the Earth bound Lanterns and the Lost Lanterns are on Qward and looking for Guy and John and Ion.  They battle Lyssa but it leaves Hal's ring out of power.  This leads to the moments from the cover and eventually a confrontation with Sinestro which does not end well for Hal though they do in fact escape.  More importantly the Guardians rewrite the B...

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