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    Green Lantern 23.4: Sinestro

    Oh man. This issue was such a let-down.

    Geoff Johns already wrote a revised Sinestro origins story because Sinestro's character has changed so much over the past seven years, the original silver age story was pretty out of date for the New 52 interpretation. And because Johns has arguably made the Green Lantern franchise the most popular it's ever been through his expansion of GL mythology, I don't understand why Matt Kindt felt the need to backtrack with this character. Silver Age Sinestro wasn't meant to have depth in his characterization, which is why they depict him as a self-serving murderer. He was generically evil, from his mustache to his name. What Johns did with Sinestro's characterization is one of the most amazing Golden/Silver era to modern era transitions you'll find today, especially regarding the relationship between Sinestro and Hal.

    With the art, it's nothing special. I wasn't impressed with how dull the colors were or the style they chose to go with. Dale Eaglesham is a great comic book artist, so I'm puzzled as to why the issue looks the way it does. As for the border, it kind of resembles the cover art for the Great Gatsby soundtrack and was really more distracting than anything.

    My last complaint with this is Lyssa Drak's narration. Why? Why, why, why? Lyssa Drak isn't a terribly important character (in relation to Sinestro), nor is she ever depicted as chummy with Sinestro, so why throw her in like this? She's actually shown in the series as butting heads with Sinestro because her loyalty isn't to him or the corps but to the book of Parallax. Yet, in this issue, she shows an excess amount of admiration for him. In the entire issue, you never see Sinestro's point of view, which would've been especially great with an extended appearance from Arin Sur.

    The only redeeming feature I can find is at the very end when it's shown that there are apparently more Korugarians out there, and not just scattered; they seem to be somewhat organized. I never even saw that coming, which is nice.

    Overall, I give it a 2.5/5 or about a 6 or 7/10.

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