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This is another issue from the Villains Month and I can easily say that this is probably one of the most disappointing issues so far for me.I thought Soule was a good writer but in this issue it doesn't seem like it.The whole issue seems to have no exact point and it is just Black Hand wandering around.While it is interesting to see how his powers actually work it seems like he is just another guy that can't die permanently and writers don't know what exactly to do with him rather than raising zombie armies.

The whole issue felt like a cheap zombie movie.I know that the Black Lanterns do exaclty that,bring people back from the dead as zombies but I wanted this issue to be more than an zombie army attacking the police and attacking a city while there is chaos because of the Cryme Syndicate.It felt like a cheap zombie movie that has some central character who is actually the one raising the dead.It could've been a great idea if this issue wasn't supposed to be like an introduction to this character like every other Villains Month issue.

Also the return of Black Hand felt too strange.How exactly did he came back to Earth.It seemed strange because the only logical explanation would be that the Indigo Tribe sent his corpse back at Earth even though they knew that he would return back from the dead.The whole issue seemed like a big plot hole.It seems like Hal would have to get involved since Hand brought his father back from the dead and that is the only interesting that can come out of this issue.

The artwork was the only thing that I actually liked from this issue.It was dark,gritty and fit the zombie mood perfectly.Ponticelli did a great job with Hand's design as well and with the action and I would love to see him work on one of the four Lantern titles that I am following.But even with his great work I couldn't enjoy his work enough because of the bad plot.

This issue disappointed me as much as the Joker issue.Those two are probably the worst ones so far that I have read and if I could give this one 0 start or at least half a star I would but I can't.Soule's work so far has been a mixed bag but I expected more from him.This issue didn't follow the path of other issue with telling the origin stories and what is happening currently with the characters and that was the biggest mistake from Soule.He should've done that because nothing interesting was happening with Hand and his return felt too forced and not needed at all.It would've been better if this was actually a secret origins issue.

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