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In a world with no heroes, death lies behind every turn! Black Hand arrives to take advantage of Forever Evil, and he may be the most dangerous player yet! And when last we saw him, Black Hand was a pile of dust in the Dead Zone! How did he manage to return?



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This is another issue from the Villains Month and I can easily say that this is probably one of the most disappointing issues so far for me.I thought Soule was a good writer but in this issue it doesn't seem like it.The whole issue seems to have no exact point and it is just Black Hand wandering around.While it is interesting to see how his powers actually work it seems like he is just another guy that can't die permanently and writers don't know what exactly to do with him rather than raising ...

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Is this Black Hand? Or The Rot? 0

This week's Green Lantern Villain's Month issue features Black Hand - wielder of the Black Power Ring - as its main focus. As with all reviews, the following review may (or may not) contain spoilers. Be warned.New Powers, or a mischaracterization?One thing about this issue that I've been heavily thinking about is a possible new power introduced to Black Hand. During a scene where Black Hand's zombie army meets resistance from the Coast City Police, William Hand was able to feel a virus present i...

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The name of the game is Zombies 0

This review will contain spoilers, no way around it really. I'm reading all the Villain Month issues for the new reader perspective. I've actually read Blackest Night so I know a bit about Black Hand and his new gig but I don't know what he's been doing in the New 52.The Good:I like the start of the issue when Black Hand is more confused and kind of wandering around. It's pretty good stuff, although I wish it had been used to explain Black Hand's feeling a bit more. There's a lot of interesting...

3 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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