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The first chapter of "Sinestro Corps" explodes! Sinestro's army of fear has gathered: Arkillo! Karu-Sil! The Cyborg-Superman! And hundreds more of the most terrifying villains the universe has ever seen!


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Thinking in depth 0

This is part 2 of the Sinestro Corps War and has just about everything that a multipart crossover requires to grab the attention.  The Green Lanterns are already under attack and have suffered some losses, but this is still not enough to unite the group as the Lost Lanterns still do not trust Hal.  There is some discussion between the Guardians but after coming to a consensus, Ganthet and Sayd approach Hal and ask that he provide the leadership which the Corps needs in this crisis.  No sooner do...

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Another good chapter 0

While the Sinestro Corps Special was a fabulous action-packed introduction to the storyline, Green Lantern #21 "Fear and Loathing" mainly focuses on the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps' attack on Oa in the special and Kyle Rayner now being the new host for Parallax. The issue also marks the switch from Ethan Van Sciver on art to regular GL artist, Ivan Reis, who does a superb job with what he is given this issue. I especially liked the last page of the book where we see three versions of Kyle Ra...

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Second Verse, Same as the First 0

In Sinestro Corps Part One: "Second Rebirth", Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver painted an epic tale of revenge, corruption and death. Part Two consisted of, well, mostly death. I'll admit, I'm a bit confused as to why DC Comics asked Johns to make this of all issues a jumping-on point for readers - the edition opened with a three-page recap of the Hal Jordan backstory - but if I hadn't read not only Part One but the last year or so of GL at least, I would be royally confused. But, hey, screw the...

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